Wow, wow, wow!
If you are a fan of Fuchsia Fairy on Facebook you will know there has been a lot going on here in recent weeks!
If you have stumbled across my blog and not seen the page recently, here’s a quick run down.
I’ve been very busy with summer weddings, lots of butterflies in all sorts of pretty colours – pink, purple, red, silver, mint green and other designs too including a Sicilian themed wedding (happening this weekend), a sweety themed wedding, a huge 250 guest (25 tables) seating plan and much more besides.

There has also been a lot of ‘hype’, as to celebrate the 11th birthday of Fuchsia Fairy I have been running a giveaway, for one lucky couple to win a rustic style guest book for their special day. This has just been drawn today and the winner has been contacted.


I am also absolutely thrilled as a result of the giveaway that my page has now reached the magic number of 1,000 page likes – thank you all so much for your support, it means the word to me. ~X~

Facebook Live

I have recently been ‘dabbling’ in the crazy new world of Facebook Live videos. I don’t mind telling you I absolutely hate the sound of my own voice, so this has been something of a challenge for me.
However, if you fancy a bit of a giggle, and to see just what a ‘human’ I really am behind all the fairy dust, here is a clip of the one I did this weekend just passed… I will hold my hands up and admit to being a bit of a ‘tech bimbo’ sometimes, I am sure I will get the hang of it but if you fancy a giggle and have a few minutes spare, have a little looksee 🙂

One more Prize draw…..

As IF giving away a guest book wasn’t enough, I have NOT forgotten that we have the BIG one coming very soon!
This Sunday July 10th sees my last wedding event before autumn shows, and the last chance to enter my ‘Win your wedding invites’ Prize draw as seen at many of the shows I attend.
I am very excited about this, there have been hundreds of entries and one lucky couple will WIN, so keep a look out for the email in the next 7-10 days if you have entered!!!
Well, that’s it from me, for now – can’t promise you won’t see me (hopefully not sideways) LIVE on facebook again very soon, would love to hear from you if you fancy leaving a comment below,
much love,