Often seen as the ‘B’ list guests for your wedding, the invites for your evening ‘do’ are still very significant.

You want to end the biggest day of your life with a smile! Your evening guests are usually those who you probably don’t know as well as your daytime guests, maybe you can’t quite stretch to feed them all during the day and have prioritised family over people you see every day in work. You are great friends but there are others who you also needed to be there for your ceremony. Your evening guests will still want to celebrate this happy day with you, so why not make them feel as much a part of it?

I usually find my couples like to splash out more on the wedding invites

and rightly so, it’s a big part of the day. But it’s still important to them that the theme flows right through all their stationery. Your evening guests are quite likely to see what an effort you have made with other finishing touches so it’s nice if you can add evening invites to the order with your stationer, as everything will flow so beautifully.

There are ways you can co-ordinate the evening invites

without spending as much as your beautifully intricate wedding invites have cost. I have had couples order a smaller pocketfold in the past, when there was a lot of info to send out, in one instance because the majority of their guests were from overseas and needed all the accommodation info sending. I have done the card style for the evening invites too, something I used to make a lot more of but now it is always a pocket style of some sort. These have enough room to add all the info inside but feel a bit more official.

Most of my couples now prefer to order the postcard style for their evening guests. These combine the gorgeousness of the daytime invitations, with less bulk, and the vital information you still need to send: the RSVP information and any gift info is usual for my couples. They can be double sided, so they are nice and neat to send, and cost less than the pocketfold version. You are still able to incorporate some of the colour you may have chosen for the rest of your stationery, and wow your evening guests just as much as the wedding peeps.

Evening Invitation Silver Glitter Grey Embellishment Sparkles Majestic design Nottingham

A couple of points worth considering when organising your evening invites.

When to send? Do we wait for our wedding guests to RSVP?

I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Most of your guests will truly understand that you can’t always accommodate everyone you know in one big sit-down meal (or afternoon tea, or buffet, depending on your choice), and once your replies are in, if they are then invited to the ceremony as an ‘upgrade’ I am sure they will be delighted. Some people think it may seem rude, that you are looking at them as ‘second choice’ but sometimes it really is a case of whether there is room to seat everyone, and then how much it is all going to cost. As a newly engaged bride-to-be myself I am shocked at how much all the food is going to cost at the places we have seen so far, to be honest. I prefer to make all the invites for a wedding in one sitting as it is so much more efficient and cost effective and can save you a lot of time later on too.

Do we really need to order ‘spare’ invites?

I would be inclined to say yes. It might seem like a potential waste of a few valuable pounds in your budget, but in all my years as a stationer, I always find those who don’t include them to begin with return to me after a few weeks asking could we possibly have a few more please? And I do mean always…
I try to be as accommodating as possible in these requests, however as the diary gets busy, it can take longer sometimes to slot these few extra in where other brides have already booked the space which is not really fair to them.
As well as the time factor, spare invites can work out more expensive, last minute orders for a smaller quantity can be costly for both the stationery designer and the happy couple so do bear that in mind.

To find out more about how to calculate how many you need, check out this blog post here.
Another point to mention is that often the evening invites don’t need to be posted out, or not many of them do anyway, so that can save you on postage too (at the time of publication the cost of stamps has just risen again!)

Hopefully this has cleared up one or two questions that have been bothering you, but as always we are here to answer any queries – I say we because my lovely Bruce is keen to really get stuck in helping out with the business. He is still learning, but is a very welcome team member (of course). Please be gentle with him 😊

Much love,
Jacqui (and Bruce) xx