Hello you!

If we’ve met before, maybe at a Wedding fayre or venue, then I’m sorta hoping you might recognise me. My name’s Jacqui, I’m the Owner of Fuchsia Fairy. I LOVE working with brides and grooms just like you, to bring the wow factor to your wedding invites and make your guests gasp at their gorgeousness!

I’m sooo excited to hear all about you and your wedding, but first I thought you might like to know WHY I do what I do, and how I can help you on your wedding planning journey.

Enjoy! Hope to speak again soon,


First of all, I  LOVE the English language – and of course, stationery.
(NOT stationary with an a, that is a completely different word, don’t get me started).

I was tempted to get a bit sidetracked here and write something about where ideas for my designs come from… but I don’t think you have clicked on this page to read that!
You can read a lot of that on my home page and pick tidbits up from my social media pages, so instead I thought I would do you a quick personal intro…. here goes!

I absolutely LOVE my job, I am so so lucky to be able to be here for my boys when they need me as well as benefiting from the therapeutic escape of crafting for a living!

The wedding world can be a wonderfully romantic place and whenever I tell people what I do for a living, they think I’m very lucky! Of course there are occasionally the infamous ‘Zillas’ but on a good day, the buzz of creating beautiful things from raw materials and seeing the excitement on my lovely brides faces when they have found the PERFECT invitation to complement their dream day just creates a warm fuzzy feeling I would never have found in a 9-5 job!

I LOVE working with couples who get me, who understand my style and connect with me. I’m really lucky that so many lovely couples have chosen just to sit and chat to me about their wedding like we have known each other for years. In fact this very evening I have a couple coming to visit who have already got married but just want to stop by for a catch up after their big day! How lovely.

So now you know a bit more about who I am, you will hopefully get more of a feel for whether I am the right person to help you plan for your special day. I’m quite excitable, because I enjoy what I do so much that I just can’t hold it in!

If you’re ready to plan your stationery, lets talk! I would love to see you at one of my upcoming wedding fayres, information readily available here where you will find samples of my work and the chance to meet face to face!

They can get busy however and sometimes there isn’t much chance for a ‘proper’ conversation so if you are ready to go into more detail I would recommend booking a no obligation appointment by clicking on the link below and let’s get together so you can tell me ALL about your special day! I CANNOT wait, and look forward to meeting with you very soon.

Much love

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