Postcard or Pocketfold?
How do you choose which style of invite to send?

Here’s a helpful and easy to understand guide.
When choosing the stationery for your special day, there can be so many styles of invite to consider, and that’s just for a start.
If you have already chosen a wedding stationer you will hopefully have some idea that they are going to bring together everything you want your stationery to be. You may only have an idea of the colour scheme but not yet have decided on anything else.
Brides I meet at wedding fayres are often torn in 2 directions – those who want everything to co-ordinate from the very beginning, to really wow their guests from the very start with choices of colours and style, then those who don’t want to give anything away and surprise their guests on the big day.
I can help with whichever approach you prefer.
It’s very important to me that its you who makes the decisions about what will work best, with expertise and guidance from me. When I spend time with couples or brides and their mums, whoever it may be, I like to make sure they are happy with their choice, however long it takes. Although, if you are still not sure what style you are going to need, that may not help!

Here is a simple guide to help you work out what you need.

Adorn Pocketfold

The Pocketfold Invitation:
A stylish way to send all the information required, usually incorporating a couple of extra inserts for additional information with the invitation section being the focus of it. These can open down the side, like a card or a book if you like, usually with a flap which has been decorated in some way, or across the centre so the invitation flap drops downwards when opened. Often tied or finished with ribbon, jute or whatever works with your theme these are a popular way to wow your guests.

Colours can be easily incorporated into these, whether you have one extra colour or more and there are many ways to do this, using layers of card or lace,ribbon, crystals or embellishments. These are the most popular way to send something which also feels so substantial to the recipient, like receiving a small package which just adds to the excitement about your big day.

The Chequebook Invitation:
A simpler way to include any extra information, in a format familiar to many laid out like a traditional chequebook (remember those?) with pages which can be perforated for easy removal if they need to be returned.
Your design choice can be easily introduced to this style of design, some are tied with ribbon, lace or other medium, some are glued down the left hand edge or fold, and usually there will be a decoration and appropriate wording on the front, maybe printed or on a decorative panel or using an image or embellishment.
We are finding these more popular as a modern alternative to the pocketfold as extra pages are very easy to add.
The Wallet Invitation:
These are similar in style to the pocketfold but the main difference is they don’t open out. Styled more like a ‘pop in’ wallet, the wording insert can be easily pulled out, sometimes with ribbon attached for ease, and additional inserts are then found inside. We usually find brides like these if they don’t want too much fuss but the traditional style of invitation doesn’t offer enough space.
The Swing style invitation:
Although we don’t currently have this in our portfolio our invites could be easily adapted to send information out to your guests in another simple way. Layers of printed card have a hole punched through – sometimes in one corner, sometimes at the top, with the invite on the top and other information layered behind, then tied with ribbon, lace or whatever is your preference.
These are a fun alternative to the chequebook format and would be priced in a similar way.
The Card style Invitation:
These come in all shapes and sizes, and may incorporate a wealth of colours and themes. Whether you prefer square, long or the classic rectangular shape (typically A6 or 7×5 inches) you invitations can be decorated exactly to suit your colour choices and ideas.
If you don’t have too much information to send your guests or time is of the essence this may be the best choice for you.
We are still finding many brides opt for these, sometimes its because they just want to ‘get the job done’ and sometimes they would prefer to let their guests choose their own way of responding to the invitation – some often just include an email address or a contact number to keep things simple. We have many ways to bring your colour scheme into the designs we offer and are very adaptable when it comes to altering the designs in our portfolio, as well as offering bespoke work for a small additional charge.
The Flat ‘postcard’ style Invitation.
We find this works best as an additional option for evening invitations when you need to save a few pennies in your budget.
Simple styles using flat sheets of card either printed on or decorated on one side as preferred with additional information on the reverse,  these are a great way to get the message across to your guests and saving some of your budget for whatever you need.
All our designs offer this as an option and we are finding it increasingly popular.
Prices range from £1.75 to £3.25 to include the flat card invite plus printing on the reverse with an envelope for sending and can bring in your colours and themes exactly the same as with your daytime stationery.
A few things you may not have yet considered regarding your invites which can make a big difference:To send Save the Date or not to Save the Date???
Here’s a question we are often asked. Nowadays we are finding more and more couples planning further into the future. I always advise that you don’t have to send them to every single one of your guests, of course that is up to you but if there are special guests that your wedding day would feel wrong without, make sure to send to those at very least.
If you are planning 9 months or more into the future this can be a good idea and doesn’t have to be too costly if you go for something like our Postcard option which start from £1.25 each. It also buys you a little time while you iron out the finer details! You may have booked the church or venue but not even have thought about colours and don’t want that to delay the sending of invites etc, this way you know they are aware you are planning a wedding and will keep the date free, especially if you get married in the peak summer months and they might likely book a holiday otherwise.
When do you need to send your invitations?
This can be a tricky one. First of all, find out when your venue need confirmation of the numbers for catering. If you are sending personalised menu choices you need to allow extra time to get all these back to the venue and this may be required as much as 2 months in advance. That means if you send them the usually suggested 12 weeks before there isn’t much breathing space! Alternatively you may have bought a package which allows you 80 guests and therefore you know you will have 80 guests so don’t need to allow as much time.
I usually advise 4-6 months before to take all of this into consideration, usually easier if you have sent Save the Dates first but also remember to factor in peak times like sending around Christmas allow for Christmas post, or bank holiday weekends, or getting married or requesting the RSVPs returned in the summer months.

Have you allowed for spare invitations?
Always remember that approximately  80% of any guest list is likely to be able to attend, whether it be a party or a wedding or any other event. If you factor that in when working out how many invites you need, then request a handful of blank invites if you are having names printed, or add a few extra to your order if not, this could save some stress in the long run,
especially if your wedding stationer is very busy.

Are you going to be sending many through the post?
The style of your invite could be costly to send if it is more than 5mm thick or weighs more than 100 grams. Also remember that any embellishments need to be protected in some way if sending through the post.
We offer a ‘Sparkle Guardian’ for 20p each which is a simple printed card sheet with a little message to say it is protecting the invitation in transit – therefore when the guests open them they are not greeted with a mangled envelope and a damaged invitation!

Do you want to pay more for matching RSVP cards?
Many couples now choose not to especially when having the pocketfold or chequebook style but it can be a nice touch. Check the prices for these and work out if it’s within your budget.

Does your stationer charge for printing your guest names?
This can make a big difference to the feel of your invitation. A more professional finish would be to have the names printed, and many couples opt for this but there is another therory that it de-personalises the invitation. It is of course a personal choice but if you are at all worried about making a mistake when writing these out (especially if they have been expensive) then I would advise to have them printed.
We prefer these to be emailed in a document rather than handwritten and will always send a proof for checking to cover any errors and email when printing has begun – changes after this point become chargeable.

I do not charge to print your guest names in your invitations

Here’s a little list of things to help you work out which of the above is more suitable for you.

1. Do you need a detailed RSVP from your guests? For example, to incorporate meal choices?

2. Are you planning to send a gift list?

3. Do you need specific meal choices for each guest? Some venues offer this option, it can complicate things but is a lovely way to really personalise your wedding breakfast.

4. Would you prefer to leave something to your guests imagination?

5. How many invites are you sending? Budget can often influence what style of invite you send.

6. What sort of timescale are you working with? If you need to send them as soon as possible this can influence what your wedding stationer can fit in due to other wedding bookings.

7. What kind of invite is more ‘you’? Less is more? Or the bigger the better?

8. Do you need to give them a lot of information about getting from the wedding venue to the reception?

9. Are you providing transport and need to advise your guests of this? For example a double decker bus or minibus?

10. Are you a ‘no frills’ kind of couple? Would you rather just send your invite and let your guests come to you if they have any questions?

When it comes down to it, you may just see something, fall in love with it and ‘have to have it’.
Even if it is outside of your budget or goes against everything you thought your invitations would represent, if the design is right for you, you will know.
I find now that many of my couples like the design before worrying about the price tag, and are happy with the price quoted anyway.

Whatever the case with your wedding invitations, I hope your journey is an enjoyable one and that we are able to help you with it even if only in some small way.

Thank you for spending a little time and happy reading!

~X~ Jacqui ~X~