Blog Series – Let’s talk about Daytime Stationery. Part 5 – Favours

Blog Series – Let’s talk about Daytime Stationery. Part 5 – Favours

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It can seem like yet another expense on your already growing to do list but what is the original reason behind giving wedding favours?

Often seen as part of the table decoration at the Wedding Breakfast or Reception, wedding favours are small gifts given to guests as a token of appreciation from the newly married couple on their Wedding Day.

Here’s a little history for you.

The ‘Bomboniere’ was thought to be the first Wedding favour and was given out by the European Aristocracy and Upper Classes, consisting of a small porcelain or crystal trinket box often decorated with precious stones. The boxes usually contained sugar or confectionery which was a symbol of wealth and royalty and believed to have health giving properties.
Over the years, Bombonieres were replaced with almonds.

You may be thinking it is just another unnecessary expense

and many of my couples find other ways to say thank you to their guest, but if you did want to keep with tradition and give wedding favours to your guests, there is nothing stopping you. A beautiful hand decorated box with a sweet treat inside is always appreciated by those who choose to give it.

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Alternatively you could donate x amount per guest to your favourite charity – and leave your guests with a little message explaining that is what you wanted to do, especially if you are charitable and who doesn’t love to see a worthy cause benefit from your happiness?

You can buy lottery tickets or scratchcards, make up little sweet pouches, print off personalised paper bags and invite them to fill up at the sweet cart if you have one of those, flower seeds are another lovely idea as they can sprinkle them wherever they choose and then remember your wedding day when the blooms begin to grow. (I love this idea!)

Children's activity wedding pack Luxury Wedding Stationery Fuchsia Fairy Nottingham
For children at the wedding there are always Activity packs, colouring books, small toys to keep them entertained during speeches…

There are so many options for these, space permitting you might be able to have a small table at the venue with pencils, activities and things to keep little hands amused, especially while the speeches are going on. But another offering I have done before is more like a child’s version of the favour, in a paper bag coordinated with your other stationery and personalised with their name, which would contain a personalised colouring book, pencils or crayons, a sweet treat, a small toy and something else to keep them amused (all age appropriate of course). These are usually suitable up to about the age of between 10 and 12 and would also be suitable for either boys or girls.

There are so many ideas around now you have probably already seen so many on your travels. If you are looking for the more traditional style I can help with that but do feel free to see what else is out there and drop me a line to see if I can assist in any way!

I won’t overwhelm you with too many ideas for now but please do get in touch if you need some help.
Much love,

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