How long is a piece of string Jacqui?

How long is a piece of string Jacqui?

A question I am always asked, but can never give a straight answer to.

Of course, I am not talking about string here.

What is the question I am asked the most at a wedding fayre?
It sounds so simple – how long does it take to make my invitations?
I honestly can not give a straightforward answer to this, do you know why?
There are sooo many factors involved, and it isn’t just about how long it takes to physically make the invitations, either (which is ALL done by me by the way).

I dedicate time to each of my couples when they book me

Every single one of my couples has a space allocated in my diary to allow enough time and care to be taken over their designs and orders.
One reason I cannot give a clear answer is because I need to know firstly when you will be looking to send your invites. Have a look at this post 
here to find out just how important your invites are!
There are 2 very important reasons why I need to know this: the 1st one is because as my diary books up there is not always much time to play with – and with summer being a popular time for couples getting married many want to send them around the same time! The 2nd one is because the couples who are already booked in will always take priority as they have been waiting patiently, perhaps for months sometimes for a year or more to see their beautiful invitations brought to life and as such are first in line, so to speak.

But isn’t it just printing & sticking pretty stuff on a card?

I’m tempted at this point to say ‘I wish’ but that would honestly not be the truth. I LOVE creating such miniature works of art when I get to work making invitations and other items of stationery. Even then, that is not ‘all’ that is involved. There is the time taken with couples to make sure that what they are requesting is exactly right for their big day. The time afterwards to prepare a quote and keep in contact with them about the creation of their invite sample. Not forgetting all of the other administrative work and preparation of the proofs for every single stage of the booking, this can take a couple of hours on its own sometimes. So it really is a labour of love.

Are you looking for a creation like no other, with intricate detail in the design?

I hope it goes without saying (but I will say it anyway) these designs are not quickly thrown together – so the style of design can greatly affect the amount of time needed to create it. With some of my designs less is definitely more, but with the finer handcrafted creations I have to clear my diary so I can fully focus on getting them exactly right – down to measuring each and every piece of ribbon used in the design!


I don’t work forwards from now, I work backwards!
By chatting to you in depth about your big day and getting a better idea when you need your invites ready to send, we can work out from that how long we have and where there is space in the diary to fit you in!

Don’t let this put you off asking!

I would hope that after reading this you have a clearer idea why sometimes there isn’t a straight answer to this question. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from asking me and I will give you an approximate idea based on the information discussed above, I am very approachable (I don’t bite!) and always happy to answer questions if you have any.
I would love you to ask any questions at the bottom of this post and see how we can work together on your special day.
Must go, sticking and gluing of pretty sparklies to do!
Jacqui xx
How do you prioritise your invites and stationery on your all-important to-do list?

How do you prioritise your invites and stationery on your all-important to-do list?

How do you prioritise your invites and stationery on your all-important to-do list?

In recent weeks I have met with a lot of brides at various stages of planning their weddings. Many of you are at the very beginning, and this has got me thinking.
How do you decide when to organise your wedding stationery?

The truth is that its the one element of your day that sets the scene before any other!

Although it can be difficult to decide what to do first on your list, if you haven’t arranged this before the big important stuff, how is anyone meant to know anything about your special day?

Sending Save the Dates is a good idea if you are not getting married for 1, 2 or maybe even 3 years, but if you really want things to flow from start to finish, then you need to decide on a theme at the beginning.

You might be keen to send out Save the Dates just to buy yourself some time before deciding other important details and thats one way to begin – you could pick a neutral design that doesn’t give anything away (and won’t cause a problem if you change your mind about colours along the way, as can often happen!).

Here’s a quick guide on how to start planning your stationery:

  1. Pick something that is in keeping with you both as a couple – not just with your theme but something that represents you. Whether it be fun, quirky, elegant, not too fussy just make it something that your guests can relate to being all about you.
  2. Don’t cut corners! If you spend all your cash on a grand venue, stunning dress, and fancy cars leaving no money spare for your invites, sending out cheap looking or ‘fill in the blank’ cards will simply not set the scene for your guests. It doesn’t have to cost the earth but remember to leave enough in your budget.
  3. Once you have your venue booked check with them if any daytime stationery is included if you have chosen a package. They may even be able to recommend a stationer that will work with them to make everything flow on the day.
  4. It might be tempting to let Auntie Mabel have a go because she makes cards in her spare time, but unless you are confident that it is going to work and look good enough for your very special day, find a way to let her down gently. There’s sure to be something else she can help with if she’s creative. Home made is not the same as hand crafted!
  5. Fancy making them yourself? It can sound like a tempting option, and you might just be able to get away with it but the most important thing here is to make sure you use a reputable supplier. There’s nothing worse than gettng halfway through making invites only to find out the length of lace you bought was an end of reel and you haven’t got enough to finish the job!
  6. Please make sure you view samples of work before you decide to book. I’ve seen some shocking samples recently and on more than one occasion had to come to the rescue when things didn’t work out.

          ‘Good work ain’t cheap…. Cheap work ain’t good!’

Well that’s all from me for today, those naughty little elves have been sprinkling the wrong fairy dust and I haven’t stopped sneezing for 2 days so I’m off for a honey and lemon drink.

Whatever you do with your planning, make sure you relax and enjoy it 🙂

Lotsa love,


How is your seating plan looking?

How is your seating plan looking?

It’s May, the sun is out (and warm) at last!
I’m seeing and hearing from a lot of couples now who are ready to deal with…
***drum roll***

The Seating Plan!

Now I know there will be plenty of you who will feel very anxious about this, so I just wanted to share a few ideas to make it easier for you!


Don’t stress!!!

First of all, I just want to say (easier to say than to do!) don’t panic about it.
The seating arrangements for your day don’t have to take on any formal set up – not if you don’t want them to.
I am often asked

‘Who is supposed to sit on the top table’?
The truth is nowadays with changing families, step parents, and far more couples who already have children getting married there is no ‘right’ way to do anything.
It’s YOUR day. So enjoy it.
If you are really struggling to work out who you reeeeally want to sit with you for your very first meal as husband and wife (the reason it is traditionally called a Wedding Breakfast’, then keep it simple. Traditionally 
The bride sits with her new husband to her left and her father to the right, with her new mum in law next to him. The mother of the bride then sits next to her new son in law, with his father next to her. You can then have other members of the bridal party if there is room, bridesmaids, or the best man and an usher but these are really down to personal preference.

A sweetheart table, with just the two of you is a lovely modern and rather romantic way to begin your lives together.


So WHO is going to sit with WHOM?

There’s a nice easy way to plan this out.

1. Get a pad of post-it notes, and have to hand your completed guest list, after receiving all RSVPs.

2. Using a large sheet of paper/roll of lining paper or something equally large, sketch out roughly how many tables you can fit in your reception venue, or how many the wedding coordinator has advised you will need for your numbers (This varies from venue to venue but is usually a minimum of 8 guests per table and an absolute maximum of 12, depending on the size of the room!)


Get writing!

3. Using each post-it, one per guest write out their names and start to place them on the tables you think they are likely to be sitting on, with the people you would like to sit them next to.

4. As you change your mind or it becomes apparent there are too many on one table, you can simply chop and change the notes around to work with what you feel will be the most comfortable on your big day. Remember that it is your day and if you would feel unhappy to have 85 year old Auntie Ethel sat next to your work friends, then move her.

The beauty of this is you can switch and swap to your hearts content without re writing or getting frustrated with your slow computer or whatever method may otherwise drive you up the wall!

Take your time with this! It is the one part of planning the day that could make or break the atmosphere, and you won’t feel relaxed if you are fretting that your distant relatives aren’t mixing with any of the other guests – nothing wrong with mixing things up a bit



There’s no right or wrong here. It is a good thing to get so that it ‘feels’ right, but don’t make it something to cause you upset or anxiety, it isn’t really that big a deal. As long as you are together with the people you love on your special day and you have your new husband or wife by your side, what else is there?I hope you have found this helpful, would love to read your comments below if you would like to share them!

Many thanks, and happy planning!

Jacqui xx