Laser-cut wedding invitations

Laser-cut wedding invitations

For a while now I’ve been pondering how I can keep my timeless wedding stationery offerings current while still staying true to my style of work.

I do find it difficult because my favourite designs are so simple and elegant, but nobody just wants to keep seeing the same stuff, do they?

I have access to a wide range of laser cut invitation designs, pre cut with varying options of colours and finishes. They are absolutely beautiful, but rather than offer every single design in the range I am going to slowly introduce a few at a time.

Such as this one, aptly entitled ‘Winter Wonderland’.

Wedding Invitation Snowflake Festive Christmas Pale Blue Sparkles Luxury Wedding Stationery Fuchsia Fairy Nottingham

To start with, I’ve decided to adapt some of the ones already available on my site, while adding to with another couple of truly stunning designs. They are readily available in the on-trend colours of pinks, greys and neutrals as well as super sparkly options and I will be adding my own twist to them as well (of course).

Since I began making cards what seems like many moons ago, I never liked the idea of everything being copied so I never made any 2 cards the same (apart from when I made my own Christmas cards to send, I still do that but they are getting simpler as time goes by) which is why I always like to offer my own personal ‘tweak’ to the designs that come from the manufacturer.

Lasercut pretty petal wedding invitation ivory and coral Luxury Wedding Stationery Fuchsia Fairy Nottingham

I will be looking to add something a bit more ‘wow’ to designs such as this one, Pretty Petal

I will also be adding in various options for how we can incorporate these into other elements of your stationery, such as evening invites or daytime stationery so stay tuned for that. Ohhh, while I think of it, have you seen my blogs on Daytime stationery? I wrote a whole series just talking about the various elements of daytime wedding stationery – check out number 1 here.


Ian & Leanne’s post box was styled using elements from the invitation mentioned above.

I can’t wait to show you some of these and would love to know what your thoughts are, pop me a comment at the bottom of this blog, that would be wonderful.

I will be back soon with an update,
Much love

Luxury Wedding Stationery Fuchsia Fairy Nottingham,

A Beautiful Wedding Breakfast – the package

A Beautiful Wedding Breakfast – the package

Stunning simple stationery packages to help you on your way.


For a long time now I have been keen to share the packages I’ve created to make your wedding planning a bit easier.

Those finishing touches are so important, and often the last minute details can be the most effective ones.
For this reason, I have started my wedding stationery package launch with the least likely one – the wedding breakfast stationery.

All too often I have met with brides who sent out gorgeous invites bought from another source, only to fall at the final hurdle. They haven’t thought to introduce elegant, beautiful stationery into their wedding breakfast room.

Innocence Wedding Breakfast Stationery Package Framed Table Plan Personalised Place Cards Crystals Butterflies Embellished White Luxury Stationery Fuchsia Fairy Nottingham

It’s the first thing your guests will see when they gather round to be wowed by that stunning ‘ta-dah’ moment, the carefully dressed reception room. You will have spent a long time picturing this scene, so let’s finish it perfectly with a luxurious framed table plan and matching stationery, shall we?

A look at the seating plan.

Beautifully handcrafted and made to order, using machine cut mounts perfect for your number of tables. Your chosen design, colours and fonts all carefully arranged to give the most beautiful hand finished, elegant style to your seating plan. Available with white or ivory double layer mounts (adds a luxurious depth to the finished piece) as standard.
Choose from ornate or more modern frames in keeping with your venue style.

These seating plans will helpfully guide your guests as they find their name on the plan and then see in the room the table you have chosen for them – causing minimal disruption to the beginning of your first meal as a newly married couple.

Endear Seating Plan, winter wedding, snowflakes, Nottinghamshire Golf Club, Luxury wedding stationery, Fuchsia Fairy


3 sided table cards – what are they?

A perfect solution when you want minimal fuss on your guest tables.

These low-key, freestanding table cards can include any detail you want.

Easily visible from any place on the table, use these to make it clear which table is which when you put the table number on name detail on one side.

Use the second side to highlight your set menu and make your guests’ mouth water at the very thought of your chosen delicacies.

For the third side you have so many options – repeat the table name, list your guest names as a helpful reminder for them or why not add a lovely quote that means something to you both.


Allure Wedding Breakfast Stationery Package Framed Table Plan Personalised Place Cards Crystals Sparkly Shimmery White Luxury Stationery Fuchsia Fairy Nottingham

Place name cards

These lovely tent-fold cards sit discreetly on the table at the place of every guest, so there is no doubt in their mind they have arrived at their place. There are lovely ways you can add extra personalised detail to these, such as your names and the wedding date if you wish, a nickname for them, or even their own personal menu choices if that is the route you have gone down.

Whichever option you choose, they will be individually handcrafted with the same attention to detail as the rest of your stationery, carefully matched embellishments and colours to tone in perfectly with the rest of your theme while still being practical and pretty.

The Package

This carefully thought out package provides everything you need for an elegant wedding breakfast. Every design in my portfolio is available in this package, which means you can completely co-ordinate all your stationery from the beginning of your wedding planning journey, safe in the knowledge that the quality and craftmanship is second to none.

This will save you tons of time hunting down matching stationery, freeing you up to enjoy last minute wedding prep and relax in the run up to your special day, ticking several gorgeous, matching items off your list at once.

I have created these packages inspired by the items booked on a regular basis by my couples – this particular package is perfect for ticking off those last minute items you either may not have thought of until now, or were waiting to see if there was enough left in your budget. Whichever way, it can just take the pressure off your last minute mad panic buying, knowing that the needs of your guests have been met, simply, beautifully and effectively.


Devotion Wedding Breakfast Stationery Package Framed Table Plan Personalised Place Cards Crystals Hearts Satin Ribbon Ivory Luxury Stationery Fuchsia Fairy Nottingham


Starting at items to allow for 50 guests at your wedding breakfast, and tiered gradually to allow for higher numbers, you can easily add in extra items if you need them. And don’t forget there’s always the option of matching invites and other daytime stationery if you still haven’t sorted those! Check out the packages page by clicking the image above for all the options available to you. Any questions at all, do please drop me a line,

Much love,
Jacqui xx

Introducing Innocence – perfectly enchanting butterflies with sumptuous sparkle

Introducing Innocence – perfectly enchanting butterflies with sumptuous sparkle

Let me tell you a little bit about Innocence – by far my most popular design to date.

Innocence Wedding Invites Personalised Pocketfold Invitation Butterfly embellishment sparkles elegant Luxury Stationery Fuchsia Fairy Nottingham

The idea for this beautiful design first began some 6 or more years ago. I have been known for a long time by the simplicity of my designs and although there are various different elements to this design – it really is so simple but the attention to detail draws you to the delicate wings of this gorgeous creature straight away.

I met with a lovely bride–to–be called Emma who also happened to work at a venue where she had already seen for herself the quality of my work. She was keen to see more examples up close, having been extremely disappointed with other samples she had already obtained. Not to mention that she had noticed as soon as you say ‘butterfly’, all too often the same punched out shape would appear – taking away from the unique nature of her wedding (who wants to feel as though you are doing the same as everyone else?)

We looked at some ideas together, and using a similar design layout to the original Devotion wedding invitation card we worked out how we could easily bring something a bit more exciting to her stationery designs, add a little sparkle and away we go! The beautiful diecut pocketfold version of this invitation also gives it a gorgeous unique quality.

Emma was absolutely delighted with the finished design (see what my lovely brides think here) and as a design I absolutely love seeing the different colour combinations chosen by my couples when bringing this design to life.

Innocence Wedding Breakfast Stationery Package Framed Table Plan Personalised Place Cards Crystals Butterflies Embellished White Luxury Stationery Fuchsia Fairy Nottingham

Over the years I have seen it come alive in many combinations of colours including white, navy, red, lemon yellow, mint green & silver, assorted pastels, hot pink, lilac, purple and royal blue.

It’s so versatile. you can easily combine a neutral colour with your choice of ribbon (many colours to choose from) or for a small upgrade cost you can have the butterflies and the gorgeous sparkling gemstones in a colour too.

The gorgeous sparkle from the diamantes really does lift the whole design to another stunning sparkly dimension.

Every single one of these stones is individually placed by hand, by me.

Then secured carefully in place with a special kind of adhesive to ensure there can be no mishaps. These beautiful stones (which can also be upgraded to genuine Swarovski if you so wish) are so super sparkly and really do give this beautiful design the finish it deserves.

Innocence Wedding Seating Table Plan Personalised Butterflies Satin Ribbon Crystals Embellished White Luxury Stationery Fuchsia Fairy Nottingham

Combine all these beautiful things with the lovely premium textures of card available and you find before you an invitation like no other – it feels as expensive as it looks and will easily stand up to years in a memory box without any discolouring or aging too – what a lovely memory of your big day to look back on in years to come, the day you announce to the world that you are going to be Husband and Wife.

As with all my designs you have various options depending on personal preference, and how much you want to spend. This includes layering of the additional inserts on more coloured/coordinating card, premium finish envelopes, it is also available with your RSVP and Guest envelopes pre-printed for you.

All of my sparkly designs come complete with the ‘Sparkle Guardian’ to further protect this little beauty in the post, just like the one pictured here.

Devotion Wedding Stationery Package Invites Hearts Buckle Ribbon Embellished Ivory Luxury Stationery Fuchsia Fairy Nottingham

Now that you’ve read all this you’re probably thinking there is far too much to think about here – truthfully the easiest way to begin deciding any of it is to drop me a line so we can have a friendly chat while we figure it all out.

I love hearing about my couple’s plans for their big day and will gladly buy you a cuppa while you tell me all about it! So why not drop me a line.



I look forward to hearing from you xx

Introducing Captivate – delicate love-heart and stylish diamante detail

Introducing Captivate – delicate love-heart and stylish diamante detail

This gorgeous, detailed and delicate design has been hiding from us!

I wanted to share with you that I have been a busy fairy recently – updating various bits of the website, so although the name of this design has been around for a while, the photos were somewhat hiding from the spotlight – because I didn’t have any that showed it off properly!

Captivate Wedding Invites Personalised Pocketfold Invitations sparkly Diamante Satin Ribbon White Luxury Stationery Fuchsia Fairy Nottingham

An eye-catching, exquisite and delicate design – Captivate


Now that these beautiful images have been updated, I can share with you the gorgeous detail with no holds barred.


I absolutely love the embossed, touchy-feely nature of the papers used


on designs like this one, there are several options to choose from and love hearts just say it all, don’t you think?


Captivate Wedding Stationery Package Save the Dates Invites Place Card Diamante Sparkles Satin Ribbon Shimmery White Luxury Stationery Fuchsia Fairy Nottingham


The crisp, white cardstock and papers seen here just add to the glamour and style of this gorgeous pocketfold invitation, which is a square one and created from subtly textured (always, there’s always something to feel in my work, no matt finish card to be found here!) cardstock also used throughout the inserts, so give a lovely crisp quality to the printing too.

For the happy couple who like the finer things in life


the lavish detail brought together in the careful creation is not for the faint-hearted.

Captivate Wedding Breakfast Stationery Package Framed Table Plan Personalised Place Cards Crystals Sparkles Satin Ribbon Embellished White Luxury Stationery Fuchsia Fairy Nottingham

Also available in this collection a fully co-ordinated set of stationery, including Save the Date cards, matching Evening Invites, with a full set of daytime stationery just like the beautiful wedding breakfast collection pictured here.

Don’t hold back on these little additions and the attention to detail will shine through on your big day.

Simply stunning!

As always, any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line,

Much love,

Jacqui xx

Introducing Majestic – Super sparkle with a gorgeous sparkly heart and glittery fabulousness.

Introducing Majestic – Super sparkle with a gorgeous sparkly heart and glittery fabulousness.

I can’t wait to tell you how we arrived at this beautiful design.


I had a consultation with a very excited young couple, I think it was probably the longest appointment I have ever had. Gemma knew what she wanted, but needed me to help achieve her vision. It needed WOW, the cost wasn’t important, she would know when she saw it.

We began with an invite sample, it had some sparkle and a diamante gem Gemma had chosen. But she knew she could be honest with me, and it wasn’t enough. The sparkle wasn’t capturing what she wanted. Back to the drawing board we went.

It evolved over an afternoon – I remember it well. I sent Gemma many and varied ‘mocked’ images to see if any of them grabbed her – it’s not the way I usually do things but in this instance it was the easiest.
Many shades of silver and grey were tried, with differing sparkly embellishments until eventually we found ‘The One’.

Wedding Invitation Pocketfold Evening Silver Glitter Grey Embellishment Sparkles Majestic design Nottingham

Ohhh she was so excited, she even sent me a squeal voice clip of how eeek and in love with the design she was.

I put together a ‘proper’ sample, with their personalised details, wedding date and venue information. You could probably hear her for miles when she came to collect the invitations, she was so excited! She loved her invites so much, her fiancé Ben arranged for me to make Christmas card for her in the same design, such a lovely extra touch.


I love this design, it’s got all the sparkle and none of the unnecessary ‘extra’ detail, like ribbon loops or embossed textures seen in some of my other designs.


It totally encapsulates what I am known for – less is more – and the simplicity of it allows the sparkle to really shine through. The fabulously smooth glittery surface (none of that sandpapery type finish here) adds a high-class elegant finish and the gorgeous diamante brings it all to life.

Majestic Invites Pocketfold HEart Embellishment Sparkles Rose Gold Dusky Pink Luxury Stationery Fuchsia Fairy Nottingham


I love it!

Diary of a bride-to-be – part 3

Diary of a bride-to-be – part 3

We have announced our wedding date!!!

We booked our wedding provisionally, several weeks ago – but were ‘sitting on it’ as we wanted to announce it properly, rather than just randomly let it sneak into conversation.

We threw a lovely engagement party on Easter weekend. It’s so important to us to share the loveliest parts of our journey with those who have supported us, and those who were able to join the celebrations did so with happy hearts. I mean, you could really feel the love in the room.

We held the party at Tipsy T in Nottingham, its very special to us because we began our first date there, and it’s also where I meet my lovely couples when planning their wedding stationery with them – so the staff know me really well.

It was the first chance for us to catch up with a few people we’ve not seen since before the proposal – but I had completely lost my voice!


As you can imagine, this was a bit frustrating to say the least, a chance to gossip with the girls and chat with family and friends and I could barely speak. I didn’t let it spoil the evening though, just enjoyed spending time with those who are genuinely happy for our happiness and very much looking forward to the wedding.

So there it is, November 21st 2020

the day we become husband and wife – for real. I have to keep saying it because I still can’t quite believe it.

We have sent out most of our save the dates now, a little further ahead than we needed to really as it isn’t peak season or anything but once we announced it at the party it seemed right to share it with others who we have added to the guest list too.

Here’s how we arrived at the decision to invite, or not to invite certain people…


We have just over 18 months until our big day, it’s a bit mind boggling because we are still figuring out how to pay for what we want, but we are slowly deciding which suppliers we want for various parts of the day and in the meantime we have fun decisions to make like the little details of the ceremony, what song I want to walk down the aisle to, what we will have for our first dance, what we want the room to look like for the wedding breakfast – we have lots of ideas, we could probably have 5 different themes without thinking too hard but that is never going to look right so we are having to rein in some of our ideas (just to give you some idea, ! had about 9 different designs for our Save the dates before settling on the one that felt right… the dilemma of being a wedding stationer with access to lots of pretties!)



Our cake, which encapsulated our Batman/Wonderwoman theme, as well as the tuneless choir involvement in our proposal (and of course the song we sang shortly before he popped the question)


When deciding songs for our wedding – from very early on, when I knew he was the one – I always pictured us dancing to one particular song that had so much meaning to us, because of the lyrics. Since the engagement a lot of things have really fallen into place and much of our wedding feels it will be completely different to how I pictured it – but they are all choices that feel right, so I know they must be. This also includes the song I have chosen to walk down the aisle to – although we are not getting married in a church, I still picture myself taking those last steps before I become his wife and every time I well up.

It’s real, and it’s happening next year! Eeeek.

I’m still ploughing through gorgeous images of my wedding stationery collections at the moment, so I had better get a wriggle on, hope you have a wonderful day!

Much love,
Jacqui and Bruce xx