Introducing Captivate – delicate love-heart detail

Introducing Captivate – delicate love-heart detail

This gorgeous, detailed and delicate design has been hiding from us!

I wanted to share with you that I have been a busy fairy recently – updating various bits of the website, so although the name of this design has been around a while, I feel silly to say the photos were somewhat hiding from the spotlight – because I felt I didn’t have any that showed it off properly!


An eye-catching, exquisite and delicate design – Captivate


I am making it my mission to change and make-over the images on the site, so you are able to see much more of the stunning detail my work is known for, so I thought I would start with this beauty (I hope you’ll agree this is a stunning design), so elegant and classy – and re introduce it to you.


I absolutely love the embossed, touchy-feely nature of the papers used


on designs like this one, there are several options to choose from and love hearts just say it all, don’t you think?




The crisp, white cardstock and papers seen here just add to the glamour and style of this gorgeous pocketfold invitation, which is a square one and created from subtly textured (always, there’s always something to feel in my work, no matt finish card to be found here!) cardstock also used throughout the inserts, so give a lovely crisp quality to the printing too.

For the happy couple who like the finer things in life


the lavish detail brought together in the careful creation is not for the faint-hearted.


Captivate Evening Invite


Also available in this collection you can get a full matching set of stationery, including Save the Date cards, matching Evening Invites as pictured, coordinating daytime stationery is also available with place name cards, table cards and a matching seating plan just to start you off.

Don’t hold back on these little additions and the attention to detail will shine through on your big day.

Simply stunning!

As always, any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line,

Much love,

Jacqui xx

Table Names, or Table Numbers? Here’s a list of 20 ideas…..

Table Names, or Table Numbers? Here’s a list of 20 ideas…..


The fun part of planning your wedding must surely be making it all about the two of you.


There are so many ways to put a personal ‘stamp’ on your special day and your guest tables is a fantastic place to start – after all they will be spending quite a while here after the ceremony!

Many couples just can’t decide what would ‘work’ as a name theme for their tables, and often end up taking the easy option of numbering them. But I think there are lots of fun ways to really make it your own, here are a few suggestions.

1. Names of places you have been together, that make special memories

Paris, London, New York… or town names like Nottingham, Loughborough- maybe they mean something to you. It could be a fun game for your guests to work out why they are special to you.

2. Favourite colours or shades of a colour

Lilac, Purple, Aubergine, Lavender, Orchid for example.

3. Precious gems

Diamond, Pearl, Ruby – This could also work to represent how many years you see together in the future, aim for Diamond, always!

4. Numbers, but not the traditional kind

I love the idea of a table lay out that uses numbers relative to the couple getting married and the guests can have fun working out what they mean. How many days you have been together, how many days between ‘going out’ and getting engaged, how many days you will spend on honeymoon, how many times you watched your favourite film… there are lots of fun ways to get this list together too.

5. Names of your favourite couples

They could be celebrities, or special members of your family like grandparents, great grandparents, couples in favourite films or plays.

6. Sweet treats

Name your tables after your favourite sweets. You could also incorporate this theme into your favours. Love Hearts, Dolly Mixtures, Liquorice Bootlaces.

7. Nature lover? how about favourite country walks you’ve done together

Tissington Trail, Aysgarth Falls.. or perhaps National Trust properties you like.

8. Planets in the solar system

I have done stationery going one step further incorporating constellation names!

9. Favourite films

Moulin Rouge is ours, it is so romantic and has some special memories for us too.

10. Something personal to you both

It could be quite random, what about places you have been to while dating, or maybe brands you both like to buy.

11. Cars you have owned together or between you over the years

Astra, Punto, Captur to name just a few of ours. I’m sure there are far more interesting but maybe your dream sports cars would be another idea.

12. Favourite animals

Think about what kind you like and if their pictures would look cute if used to really theme your stationery.

13. Family members

This can work for you if you want to remember lost loved ones, you could use their names for your tables. I have seen it done.

14. Pets

Names of pets you may have owned or favourite family pets.

15. Glamour

If you are going for a glamorous theme how about Hollywood Movie Stars, or perhaps styles of shoe – Stiletto, Platform, Kitten Heel

16. Sci Fi theme

naming your tables after characters in Star Trek, or favourite sci fi films. Its a great way to get your other half involved if they are struggling to get excited with the wedding plans.

17. Favourite Books – characters and/or quotes

How about Mr Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, Georgiana Darcy…. or Bridget Jones and Daniel Cleaver!

18. Numbers

Again.. but what about in a foreign language to add romance to the theme… Un, Deux, Trois.

19. Bird watcher?

No problem, think of your favourite birds, or best places to go bird spotting.

20. Favourite chocolates

Now there’s a mouth watering theme with many favourites! My current favourite is Marvellous Creations!


And what a perfect ending to today’s list!

Introducing Innocence – Enchanting Butterflies

Introducing Innocence – Enchanting Butterflies

Let me tell you a little bit about Innocence – by far my most popular design to date.

Beautiful beaded butterflies and diamante sparkle

A gorgeous design with unique character


The idea for this beautiful design first began some 4 or more years ago. I have been known for a long time by the simplicity of my designs and although there are various different elements to this design – it really is so simple but the attention to detail draws you to the beaded wings of this gorgeous creature straight away.

I met with a lovely bride–to–be called Emma who also happened to work at a venue where she had already seen for herself the quality of my work. She was keen to see more examples up close, having been extremely disappointed with other samples she had already obtained. Not to mention that she had noticed as soon as you say ‘butterfly’, all too often the same punched out shape would appear – taking away from the unique nature of her wedding (who wants to feel as though you are doing the same as everyone else?)

We looked at some ideas together, and using a similar design layout to the Devotion wedding invitation card we worked out how we could easily bring something a bit more exciting to her stationery designs, add a little sparkle and away we go! The beautiful diecut pocketfold version of this invitation also gives it a gorgeous unique quality.

Emma was absolutely delighted with the finished design (see what my lovely brides think here) and as a design I absolutely love seeing the different colour combinations chosen by my couples when bringing this design to life.

Innocence – just some of the items available in the range.


Over the years I have seen it come alive in combinations of white, navy, red, lemon yellow, mint green & silver, assorted pastels, hot pink, lilac, purple and royal blue.

It’s so versatile because even though the butterfly ‘only’ comes in 20 different colours, you can easily combine a more neutral colour with your choice of ribbon (over 142 to choose from!) or for a small upgrade cost you can have the gorgeous sparkling gemstones in a colour too.

The gorgeous sparkle from the preciosa diamantes really does lift the whole design to another beautiful sparkly dimension.

Every single one of these stones is individually placed by hand, by me.

Then secured carefully in place with a special kind of adhesive to ensure there can be no mishaps. These beautiful stones (which can also be upgraded to genuine Swarovski if you so wish) are so super sparkly and really do give this beautiful design the finish it deserves.

Combine all these beautiful things with the lovely premium textures of card available and you find before you an invitation like no other – it feels as expensive as it looks and will easily stand up to years in a memory box without any discolouring or aging too – what a lovely memory of your big day to look back on in years to come, the day you announce to the world that you are going to be Husband and Wife.

As with all my designs you have various options depending on personal preference, and how much you want to spend. This includes layering of the additional inserts on more coloured/coordinating card, premium finish envelopes, it is also available with your RSVP and Guest envelopes pre printed for you.

All of my sparkly designs come complete with the ‘Sparkle Guardian’ to further protect this little beauty in the post.

But if you really want to impress your guests you can have your invitations sent individually boxed for an extra charge.

Now that you’ve read all this you’re probably thinking there is far too much to think about here – truthfully the easiest way to begin deciding any of it is to drop me a line so we can have a friendly chat while we figure it all out.

I love hearing about my couple’s plans for their big day and will gladly buy you a cuppa while you tell me all about it! So why not drop me a line.



I look forward to hearing from you xx

It’s A Wonderful Wedding Week!

This week we were thrilled to be asked to exhibit our stationery for a week at the Nottinghamshire Golf & Country Club in association with Cakey Wakey and Floral Dreams.
For a whole week couples are able to make appointments with the wedding team at this gorgeous venue and see it set up exactly as it would be for a wedding.
This is a fantastic opportunity especially as so many wedding fayres have already been and gone now and in the coming weeks there are certain to be couples who want to make decisions about venue bookings and aspects of their big day in the run up to Christmas, before that comes and stops play, as it were.
We almost certainly find there are many couples wanting to book and get invites out before the Christmas post ruins everything.
So it was a wonderful opportunity for me to put together some stationery samples from our romance collection to complement the beautiful shades of lilac used by the girls at Floral Dreams and the plum sashes on the chair covers dressed by Jo and Pete at Cakey Wakey.
You can make an appointment with Claire and the team at the Nottinghamshire between now and Monday to view the Fairways suite and discuss your requirements before booking, and the room has been so beautifully dressed its a great chance to get a proper feel for the ambience, dance floor included!

I look forward to working more with great companies and stunning venues and their lovely staff in the future as its a great way to see just how team work makes the dream work!