What you must include on your wedding invites

What you must include on your wedding invites

Planning your invitations and stationery can feel like a daunting task.


There are so many things to remember.

First of all, I have a helpful, handy and COMPLETELY FREE checklist available that can help you with your planning – click below to find out more…

Free wedding stationery checklist
But while you’re getting that sorted, here is a list of essential must have information for your wedding invitations (and things you may not have considered).



Your names

These don’t have to be on the front of your invite, but (I can’t believe I’m owning up to this) when designing our Save the dates recently, for a silly second I genuinely expected everyone to know who they were from just by the information on them.

I almost forgot our own names!

How you choose to add your names is entirely up to you – you can just have your first names, you could use your full ‘Sunday’ names, or nicknames if that is what you prefer, but do make a decision you are both happy with (and decide which way round you want to use them, is it Jacqueline & Bruce or Bruce & Jacqueline?).

If you are sending more traditional styles, from your parents, check how they would like to be addressed too. This is less common these days but does still happen.



Your wedding date

Again the format of how you display this is personal choice but I do think it looks better if you have the number, then the month, then the year, as an example ours would be 21st November 2020.

It can be super useful to include which day of the week it is too, not essential but its surprising how often people assume it’s a Saturday when in fact it might not be.

Time of the wedding

Be clear between yourselves and the venue (or church/registry office) if your guests need to be seated on time.

Some ceremonies, particularly in registry offices, often have a timescale they need to keep to and whatever time you put can affect this – if you want your guests to arrive a little earlier (and indeed if this is possible) then put something like “1.45pm for the ceremony to begin promptly at 2pm”.

And don’t forget to check what time you can announce for evening festivities to begin as well.



Venue Name/s and details

It can look a little cluttered if you put too much info in one place, so you can always include this on an insert but do make sure to put the postcode of your venue/s and remember to include the reception venue if different.



Wedding Breakfast and Evening Reception

Are you having a separate Wedding Breakfast and Evening Reception or blending the whole day into one?

Be clear to advise the guests if there is anything they might need to be aware of, it isn’t always obvious and if children are invited they may need to make arrangements for this.



Guest names

Now, this is important to get right. Especially if you aren’t inviting a whole household.

Too many assumptions can be made if there is no way to add the names of your guests individually, and if children are not included, be clear to add this as an extra detail too.


RSVP date and address

You WILL need to confirm details with your venue by a certain date, to get everything in place.
Allow extra time before this date, for those who may be delayed in getting back to you for some reason, or perhaps don’t remember to RSVP at all. I usually aim for 8 weeks with my couples, this being for those places with a 4 week window confirming numbers before the wedding.
Often they opt for longer than that, which is absolutely fine and can mean less stress in the long run.
If requesting cards or slips to be posted back make sure they have your address to hand, an email address as well can be handy for anything that might need checking too. Better they have too much information than not enough.


Gift Info

This can be a little controversial – and it probably isn’t essential but it will make your life easier if you have something included with your invites that gives your guests some idea what they can treat you to – they will usually want to, so don’t worry that it looks a little bit rude. There are lots of ways you can advise them of this so take your time finding something that feels like ‘you’. Check out my online wording brochure for some ideas here.



Any other must have details

Perhaps your DJ takes requests beforehand, you can add info like this too, songs that will make them get up and dance. Maybe you are only inviting children if named on the invite. Perhaps you have an arrangement with the venue for reserved rooms and need to send a special code. Remember to include all of this here.


Whatever you do, don’t stress about any of this lovely, it’s easy when you know how. We are here to help and can easily help you figure all of this out, so just drop us a line if you need any help.

Much love,
Jacqui (and Bruce) xx

Let’s take a look at Evening Invitations

Let’s take a look at Evening Invitations

Often seen as the ‘B’ list guests for your wedding, the invites for your evening ‘do’ are still very significant.

You want to end the biggest day of your life with a smile! Your evening guests are usually those who you probably don’t know as well as your daytime guests, maybe you can’t quite stretch to feed them all during the day and have prioritised family over people you see every day in work. You are great friends but there are others who you also needed to be there for your ceremony. Your evening guests will still want to celebrate this happy day with you, so why not make them feel as much a part of it?

I usually find my couples like to splash out more on the wedding invites

and rightly so, it’s a big part of the day. But it’s still important to them that the theme flows right through all their stationery. Your evening guests are quite likely to see what an effort you have made with other finishing touches so it’s nice if you can add evening invites to the order with your stationer, as everything will flow so beautifully.

There are ways you can co-ordinate the evening invites

without spending as much as your beautifully intricate wedding invites have cost. I have had couples order a smaller pocketfold in the past, when there was a lot of info to send out, in one instance because the majority of their guests were from overseas and needed all the accommodation info sending. I have done the card style for the evening invites too, something I used to make a lot more of but now it is always a pocket style of some sort. These have enough room to add all the info inside but feel a bit more official.

Most of my couples now prefer to order the postcard style for their evening guests. These combine the gorgeousness of the daytime invitations, with less bulk, and the vital information you still need to send: the RSVP information and any gift info is usual for my couples. They can be double sided, so they are nice and neat to send, and cost less than the pocketfold version. You are still able to incorporate some of the colour you may have chosen for the rest of your stationery, and wow your evening guests just as much as the wedding peeps.

Evening Invitation Silver Glitter Grey Embellishment Sparkles Majestic design Nottingham

A couple of points worth considering when organising your evening invites.

When to send? Do we wait for our wedding guests to RSVP?

I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Most of your guests will truly understand that you can’t always accommodate everyone you know in one big sit-down meal (or afternoon tea, or buffet, depending on your choice), and once your replies are in, if they are then invited to the ceremony as an ‘upgrade’ I am sure they will be delighted. Some people think it may seem rude, that you are looking at them as ‘second choice’ but sometimes it really is a case of whether there is room to seat everyone, and then how much it is all going to cost. As a newly engaged bride-to-be myself I am shocked at how much all the food is going to cost at the places we have seen so far, to be honest. I prefer to make all the invites for a wedding in one sitting as it is so much more efficient and cost effective and can save you a lot of time later on too.

Do we really need to order ‘spare’ invites?

I would be inclined to say yes. It might seem like a potential waste of a few valuable pounds in your budget, but in all my years as a stationer, I always find those who don’t include them to begin with return to me after a few weeks asking could we possibly have a few more please? And I do mean always…
I try to be as accommodating as possible in these requests, however as the diary gets busy, it can take longer sometimes to slot these few extra in where other brides have already booked the space which is not really fair to them.
As well as the time factor, spare invites can work out more expensive, last minute orders for a smaller quantity can be costly for both the stationery designer and the happy couple so do bear that in mind.

To find out more about how to calculate how many you need, check out this blog post here.
Another point to mention is that often the evening invites don’t need to be posted out, or not many of them do anyway, so that can save you on postage too (at the time of publication the cost of stamps has just risen again!)

Hopefully this has cleared up one or two questions that have been bothering you, but as always we are here to answer any queries – I say we because my lovely Bruce is keen to really get stuck in helping out with the business. He is still learning, but is a very welcome team member (of course). Please be gentle with him 😊

Much love,
Jacqui (and Bruce) xx

How many invitations do you need?

How many invitations do you need?

Working out just how many invites you need for your big day can cause a bit of a headache. Here are a few tidbits of advice I have picked up in my years working in the wedding industry.

How many invites do we need to order?

What I would say first, is to work out how many households you will need to send an invitation to. Remember to include your VIPs in this, as even if you have already spoken to your Best man, your Bridesmaids, parents etc it is still nice to include them on the invite list, especially if you are having your stationery custom made.

As a rough guide, it usually works out around 2/3rds of the actual number of people you are inviting, unless there are a lot of families on the list. For a guest list of 80 I would usually find somewhere between 45 and 60 is enough.

It’s an easy miscalculation to make, thinking if you have 80 guests, that you will need 80 invites. Or if you have 80 daytime guests and 130 evening guests you need that many for each part of the day.

When you work out how many you need for the evening invites, it can vary a bit more.

For example, if you have 80 wedding guests and another 50 in the evening, you will usually need more for the extra guests – but remember you have already invited the daytime guests so you only need to send to the extra 50. Usually round 30 invitations would cover this. It does depend on how many include a plus 1, or perhaps children have only been invited to the evening celebrations, as can sometimes be the case. The best idea is to have a chat with your stationer too, if they are worth their salt they should be able to guide you. I never give ‘set’ answers as each couple and wedding can be so different to each other. Before you book your wedding stationer, read this helpful blog post.

Do we really need to order ‘spare’ invites?

I would be inclined to say yes. It might seem like a potential waste of a few valuable pounds in your budget, but in all my years as a stationer, I always find those who don’t include them to begin with return to me after a few weeks asking could we possibly have a few more please?
I try to be as accommodating as possible in these requests, however as the diary gets busy, it can take longer sometimes to slot these few extra in where other brides have already booked the space which is not really how I like to work.
As well as the time factor, spare invites can work out more expensive, last minute orders for a smaller quantity can be costly for both the stationery designer and the happy couple so do bear that in mind.

Evening Stationery Invitation Postcard Invite Grey Sparkles Majestic Collection
The Majestic collection – leave space to write names yourselves on any spare invites

As a rough guide, I usually say add on 10 percent of your order, so if you need 45 invites, request 50, or round up any strange numbers so if you needed 37 ask for 40. You can have these left with a blank space to fill them in yourself later if necessary, there is always the option of having one for a keepsake, and it will feel so much better if you realise a little later that you (possibly, it does happen) missed someone off the list.

They are not then left waiting for an invite when everyone else has already received theirs, as an example. Or if your RSVPs are returned and you find you can squeeze a couple more people in during the day, because you really don’t want them to miss out, then you can use it for that. Try not to think of the spares as a waste of money, or a way for us busy stationers to make extra on the order, it really is about keeping things simple for everyone, less back and forth getting things sorted and one less stress!

I’ve only just started planning my wedding to Bruce, (click here to find out what happened when he proposed) we have quite some time to work with before the date we are looking for, and I am already working out how many invites I will need. The sooner you can get an idea of these things the sooner you can work out things like how many stamps you will need, that sort of thing. It all adds to the cost but can help you budget a bit better too. It’s all part of the fun and if you know what you are looking at from the beginning it will make for a much more enjoyable part of the journey for you – you want to enjoy this as much as possible – I know I do.

As always if you need help figuring any of this out, then do please drop me a line, I would love to hear how your wedding plans are going and help if I can in any way.

Much love,

Jacqui xx

What is a Pocketfold?

What is a Pocketfold?

I know you have probably been looking around for a while at the various options for inviting your guests to the wedding.

It can be a bit overwhelming when you see so many different ideas, how would it all work with what you NEED for your wedding though?

You really just need to know what you are looking at will be suitable, don’t you?

Let’s take a look at Pocketfolds, for a minute.

Adorn Pocketfold
  • They are kind of like a ‘folder’, of the most beautiful sort, with a pocket to keep all your additional information safe.
  • They will often have a beautifully decorated ‘flap’ or enclosure of some kind, which is even more exciting because you can’t even guess what it might look like inside.
  • There are lots of different layouts and ways to present the first peek of your special day, and when guests receive them, they are certain to be thinking a lot more about your wedding.

Rather than ‘just’ a card (there is nothing wrong with sending these, if they are well made!) the additional info cards can then be kept to one side when the gorgeous keepsake has been tidied away (which will happen eventually, I’m sorry to say). The pocket is perfect to store the info cards, which might have the following information on them:

  • An RSVP card
  • A Gift List
  • Menu card/Response to Menu requests
  • Venue Booking information
  • Directions (I am finding this one less and less nowadays, with just a postcode being enough for most people – although if the reception is held somewhere other than the wedding venue, it can come in useful)
  • Additional information about Music choices for the reception, transport options, flight details if getting married overseas.

Looking at that list you might now be thinking Whaaaat? How many inserts? But you won’t need all of them, you might not even want to have a gift list (I often find this with my couples, but once the lovely poems available to choose from are read at an appointment this can change too) and I always say to my couples there is no MUST include. And I always suggest printing on both sides, which can help save unnecessary inserts and postage costs – it all adds up!

Your choices for all of these are going to be quite personal to you, depending on what you have for your wedding.

Just in case you haven’t done it yet… now would be the perfect opportunity to grab yourself a FREE wedding stationery checklist, it will help you figure out what you actually need! And don’t forget I am only an email away if you have any questions at all…

The thing about Pocketfold style invitations is they are such a nice neat way to send all the information, and your guests will undoubtedly feel like you really want them there, having gone to all the trouble of having invitations like these made specially.

When you get one of these sent to you it really does feel very special – I received one myself, for a friend’s wedding a few years ago – I had actually made it as well so that was a bit surreal but there you go. It really was a lovely thing to get from the postie instead of a bill!
I’m perhaps a little bit biased as pocketfolds tend to be the style of invite I make the most. But I think that says a lot about how popular they are.

Stunning Pocketfold wedding invitations
A gorgeous selection of pocketfold invitations available from Fuchsia Fairy.

They are beautiful, practical and perfectly neat all at once. They can be personalised, to match in with your colour scheme and any themes you might have too – What a great way to announce to your friends and loved ones that you are tying the knot and you would love them to be there!

I hope you find this helpful. If you are still puzzling over your invites why not check out this post about how to prioritise your invites and stationery….. and of course, there is plenty more to come!

TTFN, Jacqui x