Look what I have got to show you!

Look what I have got to show you!

It’s all go here at Fuchsia HQ at the moment, so this is more of an update post to show you some of what I have been up to!
I’m working on some lovely new ways of displaying swatches, both for wedding stationery consultations and to show on my website, to make it easier to share with you what is available to really personalise your design choices.
Just look at the gorgeous colours available for some of my designs in the embossed pebble paper.

For ages now I’ve been dreaming about having some pics taken of me ‘in action’ so you can see how hard I work (when I’m not just enjoying looking at sparkly things!) and last week finally got together with Ian from Ian Dearman Media for this very reason. We spent a long while organising some of my favourite designs and the materials used in them and while I worked on creating some beautiful designs he took some fabulous pics which I will be sharing in the coming weeks.
Here are a couple I just LOVE. Aren’t they great?


I’m also giving my website a makeover (in between orders of fabulous wedding invites) so will have more news on that very soon, it’s all very exciting so thought I would pop this here so you know I’m still on the planet and haven’t disappeared off to la la land…..

Oh, talking of which, have you SEEN the film? I finally went with Amanda from Opulence Bridals on Saturday – it’s FABulous! Can’t beat a bit of singing and dancing 🙂

Must go, pretties to create, 
Much love,
Jacqui x

How long is a piece of string Jacqui?

How long is a piece of string Jacqui?

A question I am always asked, but can never give a straight answer to.

Of course, I am not talking about string here.
I had a fan-tabulous day on Sunday at the very first wedding fayre of 2017, and my goodness, what a busy day it was!!! I have never seen so many couples so keen to find inspiration and answers to the things they need to know most.
What is the question I am asked the most at a wedding fayre?
It sounds so simple – how long does it take to make my invitations?
I honestly can not give a straightforward answer to this, do you know why?
There are sooo many factors involved, and it isn’t just about how long it takes to physically make the invitations, either (which is ALL done by me by the way).


I dedicate time to each of my couples when they book me

Every single one of my couples has a space allocated in my diary to allow enough time and care to be taken over their designs and orders.
One reason I cannot give a clear answer is because I need to know firstly when you will be looking to send your invites. Have a look at this post
here to find out just how important your invites are!
There are 2 very important reasons why I need to know this: the 1st one is because as my diary books up there is not always much time to play with – and with summer being a popular time for couples getting married many want to send them around the same time! The 2nd one is because the couples who are already booked in will always take priority as they have been waiting patiently, perhaps for months sometimes for a year or more to see their beautiful invitations brought to life and as such are first in line, so to speak.


But isn’t it just printing & sticking pretty stuff on a card?

 I’m tempted at this point to say ‘I wish’ but that would honestly not be the truth. I LOVE creating such miniature works of art when I get to work making invitations and other items of stationery. Even then, that is not ‘all’ that is involved. There is the time taken with couples to make sure that what they are requesting is exactly right for their big day. The time afterwards to prepare a quote and keep in contact with them about the creation of their invite sample. Not forgetting all of the other administrative work and preparation of the proofs for every single stage of the booking, this can take a couple of hours on its own sometimes. So it really is a labour of love.

Are you looking for a creation like no other, with intricate detail in the design?

I hope it goes without saying (but I will say it anyway) these designs are not quickly thrown together – so the style of design can greatly affect the amount of time needed to create it. With some of my designs less is definitely more, but with the finer handcrafted creations I have to clear my diary so I can fully focus on getting them exactly right – down to measuring each and every piece of ribbon used in the design!


I don’t work forwards from now, I work backwards!

By chatting to you in depth about your big day and getting a better idea when you need your invites ready to send, we can work out from that how long we have and where there is space in the diary to fit you in!

Don’t let this put you off asking!

I would hope that after reading this you have a clearer idea why sometimes there isn’t a straight answer to this question. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from asking me and I will give you an approximate idea based on the information discussed above, I am very approachable (I don’t bite!) and always happy to answer questions if you have any.
I would love you to ask any questions at the bottom of this post and see how we can work together on your special day.
Must go, sticking and gluing of pretty sparklies to do!
Before you book your wedding stationer…

Before you book your wedding stationer…

The planning!
Planning a wedding is a BIG thing! It’s like a project in it’s own right, but as such the thinking behind planning your wedding stationery should also be treated the same.

There are lots of important details you need to be clear on before you can really be clear on how your wedding stationery fits in. The thing about your wedding stationery is that it sets the scene. It really does begin to tell the story of your special day, it’s the first and last clue your guests will have about the journey the two of you have taken together, from sending Save the Date cards to Thank you cards when the big day has passed.

I’ve met so many brides over the years who’ve sent save the dates ordered from one of those internet printing places (you know the ones) before they’ve even looked at wedding dresses, it’s something that’s often done as soon as the venue is confirmed.
There’s nothing wrong in this at all, there’s no right or wrong when planning your wedding, but it can be such a missed opportunity.  By just waiting a couple of weeks in the really excited period of your wedding planning you can create such a pretty picture in the storytelling and really wow your guests from day 1. You might have started a pinterest board where you can see everything else taking shape and then realise those bargain postcards just don’t fit in with the theme at all.

Having said that what a lovely unexpected surprise for your guests to then be presented with beautiful handcrafted loveliness inviting them to your special day a few months later – it truly does depend how much the ‘whole’ picture matters to you. Does it all need to be just so?

So before you stock up on stamps and update your address spreadsheet have a think about your theme. Have a think about the ‘feel’ of your big day and what you want guests to remember it for. Do you want it to feel a bit ‘thrown together’ or do you want it to be seamless? Every little detail you take the time over is what will leave a lasting memory, for them but also more significantly for you.

I clearly remember when I first started planning my own wedding in 2003. My head was a jumbled mess of colours and patterns, I do laugh now when I think about the absolutely hideous sparkly material I had been looking at convinced my bridesmaids would look FABulous in it, if I could only find it on the market and get someone to make the dresses up for me. I had absolutely no clue. I couldn’t decide on colours, I kept thinking peach, everyone expects peach don’t they? I don’t even really like peach! Eventually thank goodness I found much more suitable alternatives and to this day dread to think how I’d have felt looking at my photos if I’d stuck with the peach.

‘There is no Should’

You can make this a picture perfect memory from whatever point feels right to you. Don’t rush into sending Save the Dates just because you think that’s what you’re supposed to do.
Here’s a few things to consider before you begin planning your wedding stationery.
1.       Guest list – are there any restirctions on this ie venue or budget?
2.       VIP guests – make sure you consider grandparents, godparents or anyone extra special in your life.
3.       Dates – when do you need to to send them, when do you wish to receive your RSVPs by?
4.       Timings – are you allowing enough time to have them made?
5.       Wedding details – are both venues confirmed?
6.       Themes – there is a world of choice out there!
7.       Colours – your colours are not your theme, they can be different but still related in some way.
8.       Evening numbers – remember you only need to count your daytime guests once!
9.       Cost to send by post (are they bulky or especially large?)
10.   Your budget – an important one to consider for every aspect of your wedding planning.
11.   The reliability/ reputation of the supplier – have you found them by recommendation or by chance?
12.   Have you got a clear idea what wedding stationery items you need? if you sign up here to receive my newsletters I can send you a FREE wedding stationery checklist!
13.   Can they provide you with bespoke design if that’s what you want? And will this cost extra?
14.   Do you need to make time for an appointment or can it be done via email instead?
15.   Are you ordering from a real person or a website? Consider if its not a nearby supplier that there may be extra costs for them to be sent to you before you can post them out, and the extra time needed for this.
16.   Have you seen their work or any samples or are samples available?
Once you have all of these answered and if you have already found a supplier then move on to the next stage of booking an appointment or ordering a sample. You should alwaysALWAYS make sure to see a sample of their work no matter how pretty the pictures look, if time is of the essence then see if you can get to a wedding fayre where they are showing their work or something like that, and set your mind at rest. I can’t stress this enough having met so many brides over the years who were really disappointed once they had received samples from individuals whose work just wasn’t of the standard expected. Make sure there is going to be enough time to get everything done as is needed.
I’ve got so many hints and tips to share with you so I won’t keep waffling on for now but I hope this has helped and perhaps given you something to think about that you might not otherwise have thought of.
I’m always here if you have any questions about planning or booking your wedding stationery – I’m just at the end of an email address and available for a cuppa and a chat if that is what you would prefer.
What lovelier way is there to begin organising for the biggest day of your life? J
I look forward to hearing from you if you need to know any more,
Much love,
Jacqui xx

Well hello and a very Happy New Year from me

The Christmas school holidays are coming to an end and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed some time at home with the family.
I hope it has been a time of rest and relaxation for you too!
I am really looking forward to this year. I’ve got some lovely weddings and the next few weeks are going to be very busy indeed.
I am also looking forward to sharing a little bit more about my plans with you as they unfold but there will be more blogs published, some lovely new designs being launched and most exciting of all I am giving my whole business a bit of a make over!
Rather than give it all away here I will do some little snippets as things unfold, Im planning to do more facebook live posts too, to share with you some things I have learned and things that will be helpful for you in planning your wedding (especially the stationery bit). I had planned to do some over the Christmas break but spent quite a lot of time relaxing (aka no make up) so thought better not to spoil your enjoyment 🙂

There should be another helpful post shortly following later this week too so look out for that.

Hope you enjoy the return to routine after what can seem like a very strange time of year!

Im always here if you have any questions but in the meantime you can always pop over to my facebook page and comment on anything that grabs your attention,

lots of love,
Jacqui x

There is no ‘Should’…

There is no ‘Should’…

Some time ago I remember sitting in my friend’s lounge talking about how overwhelming maintaining a house like hers (its big!), having a full time job and coping with a child with Asperger’s could be (I don’t have a big house but I do have a child, well young adult now but this was a while ago) while everyone around her seemed to make it look so easy.
I clearly recall how she had decided to relieve some of this overwhelm by paying a man to come and clear her garden (also large!). She told me how guilty she felt watching this man working really hard cutting back and shifting a lot of tree trunks and all sorts of other nature related ‘stuff’ from her garden while she sat there in her dressing gown with a cup of tea.
​She just kept thinking to herself ‘I should be out there doing that, I’m just sat here in my dressing gown’. And then it dawned on her, he obviously enjoyed his work, and was earning a nice sum of money doing it, while she recuperated from a particularly stressful week both at work and at home.


And it was at this point I remember thinking I am no longer going to use the word ‘should’. There is no right or wrong in life, not really.
Everyone has their own way of doing things and this most definitely applies to planning your wedding!
You will find a weird and wonderful mix of ‘helpful’ friends and family telling you about all the things you ’have’ to do, ‘must have’, and ‘should be’ looking at or buying for your special day.

The actual truth is, you have never been in this situation before. You and your soon to be spouse are on a really magical journey that can never be repeated! You will find so much advice and so many suggestions out there about colours, themes, matching things, styled things, must haves, cant do withouts, and it will probably confuse the bejingles out of you. (I don’t know what bejingles are but it sounds nice).And regardless of however many of your friends have married recently (there’s going to be at least 1) they are not you! They don’t have your tastes, your budget, your other half’s hopes and dreams to bring together with a wonderful fairytale theme or a rustic one (or any other one that takes your fancy!) so don’t worry!
​They all mean well, they all want to share with you the things about their day that worked well or didn’t, and some of that will be extremely useful but I can almost guarantee that some of it will just cause friction.


Never mind what you think you ‘should’ have… choose what you really want!
Please remember above all else that is really is YOUR special day, to be done your way, in your time (hopefully there’ll be more than enough of that if you’re organised) and that is really all that matters.
They will be your memories for a long time to come and there can be nothing worse than looking back and thinking ‘I wish I had done x or y the way I wanted’.
On that note, when I got married 13 years ago the one thing I didn’t do the way I wanted (not really) was choosing the music that accompanied me as I walked down the aisle.

I really really wanted to walk down the aisle to Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy… but that is another story!
​Much love,
A summer of celebration!

A summer of celebration!


Wow, wow, wow!
If you are a fan of Fuchsia Fairy on Facebook you will know there has been a lot going on here in recent weeks!
If you have stumbled across my blog and not seen the page recently, here’s a quick run down.
I’ve been very busy with summer weddings, lots of butterflies in all sorts of pretty colours – pink, purple, red, silver, mint green and other designs too including a Sicilian themed wedding (happening this weekend), a sweety themed wedding, a huge 250 guest (25 tables) seating plan and much more besides.

There has also been a lot of ‘hype’, as to celebrate the 11th birthday of Fuchsia Fairy I have been running a giveaway, for one lucky couple to win a rustic style guest book for their special day. This has just been drawn today and the winner has been contacted.


I am also absolutely thrilled as a result of the giveaway that my page has now reached the magic number of 1,000 page likes – thank you all so much for your support, it means the word to me. ~X~

Facebook Live

I have recently been ‘dabbling’ in the crazy new world of Facebook Live videos. I don’t mind telling you I absolutely hate the sound of my own voice, so this has been something of a challenge for me.
However, if you fancy a bit of a giggle, and to see just what a ‘human’ I really am behind all the fairy dust, here is a clip of the one I did this weekend just passed… I will hold my hands up and admit to being a bit of a ‘tech bimbo’ sometimes, I am sure I will get the hang of it but if you fancy a giggle and have a few minutes spare, have a little looksee 🙂

One more Prize draw…..

As IF giving away a guest book wasn’t enough, I have NOT forgotten that we have the BIG one coming very soon!
This Sunday July 10th sees my last wedding event before autumn shows, and the last chance to enter my ‘Win your wedding invites’ Prize draw as seen at many of the shows I attend.
I am very excited about this, there have been hundreds of entries and one lucky couple will WIN, so keep a look out for the email in the next 7-10 days if you have entered!!!
Well, that’s it from me, for now – can’t promise you won’t see me (hopefully not sideways) LIVE on facebook again very soon, would love to hear from you if you fancy leaving a comment below,
much love,