Diary of a bride-to-be – Part 5

Diary of a bride-to-be – Part 5

I said YES to the dress!!!

It’s been a seriously exciting few weeks here at Happy Ever After Towers.

A few weeks ago we booked our wedding photographer! The lovely Heather from Heather Stringer Photography will be documenting our day in her lovely, relaxed manner. We had a fab meeting and she was so excited listening to all our plans. I’ve known Heather since before I met Bruce and she has been cheering us on from the sidelines every step of the way so it was lovely to ask her to be involved on the day.

heather stringer wedding photography


We have also booked a videographer because there are going to be so many moments I just know we are likely to miss with all the excitement.

For ages now I have been waiting for the weekend of July 13th to come around

We booked into a couple of bridal boutiques on a date that worked for both me and the 2 mums, as I felt that was a nice way to make it special for them too. As time went on, my lovely friends have all been so eager to hear about the wedding and help in any way they can so what better way than to go dress shopping with me?



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As the weeks evolved, we had a little change of plan and my lovely mum-in-law to be (I don’t really think of her as a ‘to-be’ already, our families just get on so well) so it was me, my mum and a couple of my closest girlfriends who came out with me for this exciting adventure.


I have been so so excited about looking at dresses properly

with a view to actually finding something that fit the bill perfectly. I had a pretty clear idea in my head, I don’t mind telling you, of the sort of dress that I wanted. Yet again, I can’t really say too much at this present moment, I am including pics that give nothing away at all about the dress I have chosen, just some sneak peeks of our day and the things we got up to along the way. We laughed a lot that day, there were a LOT of oohs and aahs, it was a bit like firework night.


Our first stop was the Bridal Suite in Woodthorpe – its not far from me at all, and I have known the owners Alix & Chloe for a while now, because of work, so it felt like a good choice for my first proper stop as I had seen a couple of dresses that took my fancy.

As we arrived it was exciting to see my name on the board outside the shop, eek this is real!!!

I wanted a boutique experience as part of my wedding planning, whether or not I decided to order one of their dresses I really wanted that spoilt feeling and I definitely got that.

The choices of dresses in their shop was wonderful, Alix had an idea from asking me a few questions about what I wanted in the sorts of styles I wanted to go for, so I picked out my first 5 (squeal moments seeing lots of sparkles and delicate details) and stepped into the changing area. It’s a very special feeling to know that the whole shop is your captive audience – when I say that I mean it is just me, my mum and friends and Alix.

You feel very special indeed as you step out of the cubicle to eager squeals. I loved every dress I tried on actually, they all made me feel like a princess (who doesn’t want to feel like that, really?) and the centre of attention (great if you like that sort of thing, I’m quite shy in real life but no one ever believes me when I say that) as you stand in front of the mirror and examine the detail and think about how it makes you feel.


When trying on dresses its important to see what it is that you like about it and what you don’t.

The most interesting thing about this first stop was that I didn’t look at the price tags at all. They have some absolutely stunning dresses from well known bridal designers including Essense of Australia and I really just wanted to see how these dresses made me feel. Again I can’t say too much about why I made the choices I made but it really was a case of get into one dress, coo over it a bit, swish around, move on to the next dress.

I think I had already realised that the particular type of dress I wasn’t looking for perhaps wasn’t going to be in this shop – and that is absolutely fine, there’s still 16 months until the big day, after all.

In total I tried on 8 dresses at the Bridal Suite, and took specific details for a couple of them that had got that something extra special. What I thought was really lovely was that Alix said enjoy your shopping day, whatever you do make sure you are picking what’s right for you, it’s okay if you don’t buy from us, it just has to be right.


excited face

No spoilers in this pic! sorry

That does help when you know sooo many wedding professionals like I do, it can be difficult choosing and booking or not booking, in some cases people you might have known for years. It isn’t always about not choosing them, it’s just a case of doing what works best and feels right. As it should be with every wedding thing you choose, in my opinion anyway.


We had loads of time before the second shop some 20 miles away was booked, deliberately allowing time for a spot of lunch and a regroup. I was determined not to eat much but just enough to keep me going, as I knew I would be trying on more dresses and didn’t want to struggle after lunch! I even bypassed pudding in favour of a coffee, I know, right?!

coffee break

A natter over lunch and second glance at the dresses we had already seen, trying to remember which was called what and the ones that were top of the list but it was already a bit of a haze. I had high hopes for the 2nd shop, I think maybe that’s why I didn’t pay as much attention to the names of the other gowns. As we pulled up in the small village of Ollerton, I had these nervous butterflies (much like when I first met Bruce actually), it was almost like I knew.

Wendy at All Things Bride and Beautiful welcomed us with open arms, she knew what it was I had in mind.

I am going to have to be careful what I say here but incredibly, the first dress she had picked out for me, I had that cliché moment – you know the one? ‘I don’t know about that’ … I truly did.

But as I got into it, something magical happened.

I just knew, this was the one. As with some of the best choices, the size wasn’t perfect. That’s not a problem Wendy explained, we can do all sorts after a first proper fitting and the tweaks that follow.

I could see me in the finished dress, it was there, in my head.

As I stepped out of the changing room, their faces were a picture… Ohhh wow!

They all agreed, apparently every dress in the first shop, I looked beautiful – but this one… this was me. I knew it as well.

yes to the dress weddings nottingham


I can’t really say more than that without spoilers but needless to say, the pictures within this blog don’t give anything away at all, they are just here to share the journey.

After the measurements were taken (according to Wendy I am just half an inch off the perfect hourglass figure, not bad for an old girl) and details confirmed, we took the ‘yes to the dress’ pics and made our plans to go home.


The feeling from saying Yes to the Dress are something I can’t describe.


There were tears – not just mine. I knew that dress was meant for me and I don’t think I expected to feel like I did, it’s absolutely magical. Since Saturday, I have had so many images in my head of me in this dress standing next to my handsome husband-to-be as we exchange vows and it feels more real than ever. I can’t wait for my first ‘proper’ fitting and seeing my actual dress which has been created just for me.

Oh and it was a steal too!

Since this happened on Saturday, a lot of things have made much more sense – I might even have picked out THE SHOES!!! eeek.

I will be back soon with more real wedding updates, I hope you enjoy.

Yours, a very happy bride-to-be indeed.

Much love,

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