How you can bring colour into your elegant, beautiful wedding stationery (without going overboard)?

With most of my weddings recently, the stationery has been neutral, in white or ivory –something about the more luxurious weddings I am now booking into my diary.
But if you do ever want to bring a pop of colour into your stationery, whether it is to liven it up a bit or just to have a subtle hint of your colour scheme in there, there are a few ways you can do this.

If you have layers of card – like on this design shown here – the Endear Collection

Endear collection,white linen,elegant,lovely sparkly pocketfold,wedding stationery nottingham

It’s nice and easy to make one of them a significant colour. You can change just one of the layers to bring your colour scheme in, and swap the ribbons – it doesn’t have to be every single piece but just like this design we recently used a little of the turquoise to show the theme off a little more (pics to follow!) as another couple are getting married abroad and want something to represent the Mediterranean sea.

If you have a design with sparkling crystals…

like Adorn, Allure or Innocence, the sparkles are available in a wide range of colours for a small additional cost.

Innocence, complete with coloured butterfly and co-ordinated crystals

I have created the Innocence invites many times for my couples and my absolute favourite for colour was when Lorraine and Paul got married and had a pastel theme. Using several pastel shades, combined with matching shades of card and butterflies too we completely co-ordinated their invitations so that some had lilac as the main colour, some had pastel blue, some had pink and so on.

The finished effect was absolutely stunning, the arrangement of crystals was different on each piece, the butterfly embellishments and card layers were swapped around to use an equal amount of every single colour so that the overall effect was just beautiful. They even named their tables after the colours to bring the theme in right the way through and Lorraine really was delighted with the finished designs as you can see…

Here is their beautiful seating plan, proudly displayed in their living room!

“When I was looking for stationary for my wedding I had met with many stationers but never felt they got my concept. When I met Jacqui we both knew she loved our theme and was able to take it to a level that was above and beyond what we had expected. I cried when I saw them finished although had been a part of every step the finished product was breathtaking. I had a clear theme of rainbow which incorporated the bridesmaids dresses flowers tables and stationary and still now nearly 2 years on people ask me who did my invites. I can’t thank Fuchsia Fairy enough for taking the time to invest in my idea and for making my dream a reality.”

To keep any design nice and simple with a little colour, all you really need to do is use your choice of ribbon colour – it is simple and effective and makes a bit of a statement without taking away from the impact of the invitation. I have on occasion been asked to combine one card colour with a different ribbon colour – the effects can range from dramatic and beautiful to… quite honestly not very pleasant at all! I will always try to help you get this combination absolutely right before we move onto the next stage it is so important to me not to present you with something that makes you cringe a bit.

Diamante Buckle Ribbon Save The Date Amore Dusky Pink Grey Sparkles Wedding Stationery Nottingham

There is always the option to have a coloured pocketfold or card blank. This can be quite striking as long as the colour is in keeping with other things you are using for your special day. Take time to use swatches and see what looks good next to what, rather than hoping that one person’s teal is the same as another’s turquoise – a tricky combination at the best of times! And don’t go for anything too overpowering, it can take away from the gasp loveliness feeling your guests will have when they see your invites for the first time and realise they are warmly welcomed as part of your special day.

Have a look at some of the options available in the laser cut pocket ranges to see how stunning they can look!

If none of these ideas appeal, or don’t quite work in your chosen design, there is always the possibility of having the text in a coloured font or typeface. It will depend who is making your stationery, it might not be available if you are having ‘off the shelf’ style invites but for something more bespoke it is definitely worth an ask! Speak to the person you have trusted with this very important job and see if they can help.

You can always contact me to find out how I can help, I would love to hear from you!