We have announced our wedding date!!!

We booked our wedding provisionally, several weeks ago – but were ‘sitting on it’ as we wanted to announce it properly, rather than just randomly let it sneak into conversation.

We threw a lovely engagement party on Easter weekend. It’s so important to us to share the loveliest parts of our journey with those who have supported us, and those who were able to join the celebrations did so with happy hearts. I mean, you could really feel the love in the room.

We held the party at Tipsy T in Nottingham, its very special to us because we began our first date there, and it’s also where I meet my lovely couples when planning their wedding stationery with them – so the staff know me really well.

It was the first chance for us to catch up with a few people we’ve not seen since before the proposal – but I had completely lost my voice!


As you can imagine, this was a bit frustrating to say the least, a chance to gossip with the girls and chat with family and friends and I could barely speak. I didn’t let it spoil the evening though, just enjoyed spending time with those who are genuinely happy for our happiness and very much looking forward to the wedding.

So there it is, November 21st 2020

the day we become husband and wife – for real. I have to keep saying it because I still can’t quite believe it.

We have sent out most of our save the dates now, a little further ahead than we needed to really as it isn’t peak season or anything but once we announced it at the party it seemed right to share it with others who we have added to the guest list too.

Here’s how we arrived at the decision to invite, or not to invite certain people…


We have just over 18 months until our big day, it’s a bit mind boggling because we are still figuring out how to pay for what we want, but we are slowly deciding which suppliers we want for various parts of the day and in the meantime we have fun decisions to make like the little details of the ceremony, what song I want to walk down the aisle to, what we will have for our first dance, what we want the room to look like for the wedding breakfast – we have lots of ideas, we could probably have 5 different themes without thinking too hard but that is never going to look right so we are having to rein in some of our ideas (just to give you some idea, ! had about 9 different designs for our Save the dates before settling on the one that felt right… the dilemma of being a wedding stationer with access to lots of pretties!)



Our cake, which encapsulated our Batman/Wonderwoman theme, as well as the tuneless choir involvement in our proposal (and of course the song we sang shortly before he popped the question)


When deciding songs for our wedding – from very early on, when I knew he was the one – I always pictured us dancing to one particular song that had so much meaning to us, because of the lyrics. Since the engagement a lot of things have really fallen into place and much of our wedding feels it will be completely different to how I pictured it – but they are all choices that feel right, so I know they must be. This also includes the song I have chosen to walk down the aisle to – although we are not getting married in a church, I still picture myself taking those last steps before I become his wife and every time I well up.

It’s real, and it’s happening next year! Eeeek.

I’m still ploughing through gorgeous images of my wedding stationery collections at the moment, so I had better get a wriggle on, hope you have a wonderful day!

Much love,
Jacqui and Bruce xx