Suits chosen… Dresses tried on… Shoe shopping… Bridal party colours decided!

I’ve had a gorgeous few days with my Bestie recently – also to be my Best woman on the day. We’ve been best friends since the age of 5 when we very first met so she was the obvious choice for my number 1 girl.

Catch up time!

So much so that I’ve decided not to have any other bridesmaids.

It just doesn’t feel right to single any of my other girlfriends out as I’m lucky enough to have quite a few really good close friends and I can’t quite seem to justify having 5 or more bridesmaids (all of us over 40 as well). Maybe its because of my age (I don’t feel that old but it is 2nd time around) but it just feels a bit silly? What this does mean is I have my lovely best friend to confide all my hopes and dreams in and share all the things I want to keep secret from Bruce before the big day arrives.

I don’t like keeping secrets from him actually and am finding it quite hard to do but its for the right reasons, I know. So we have had a really fun couple of days planning bits and bobs to do with the big day itself and I wanted to share what we’ve sorted in the past fortnight, its all slowly taking shape which is just the perfect pace for us.



The suits

There has been a lot of browsing until now, just getting ideas and saving them but the past week before Helen’s visit we have really started taking action to move things forward a little bit. We went to a ‘wedding festival’ to find some alternative ideas for some of the things we are considering for our big day as we have a few different ideas. It was great to see so many creative ways of doing things and gave us a lot to talk about. Since then we  really started thinking about the bridal party attire and that of course needed some retail therapy! Luckily we both love shopping, so made a date to check out a place we had seen that did the colour suit Bruce wanted to find out more about, he tried on the style he liked and we found the perfect tie to fit in with the colours we are going for so it has started to feel like it will all work together which is brilliant. And he looks gorgeous,of course!


One particular shoe shop (no spoilers…) has the kind of shoes that stop me in my tracks and I decided a while ago my wedding day was the perfect day to treat myself – if not then, when?

So while Helen was here we made plans to head a little further out and find the nearest branch so I could try some on.

Ohhh there were so many different style, they didn’t all fit the same which is why I thought I would add a bit more about it – regardless of your shoe size I think it is so important to make sure you check the fit of your chosen shoes before going for it. I was so close to saying yes to a pair of shoes that I just slipped into and heard myself say ‘ohhh they feel like me’… but I soon realised they wouldn’t be good/comfortable enough to wear for the whole day and so was glad I didn’t just dive in and buy them right there and then (even though my lovely Bestie has said she wants to treat me as my something new!) so there is still a bit more research to do – however, I would say it gave me a lot to think about as they need to look good with the dress too. Talking of which…

The dress!!! (sorry, no pics for this part)

I’ve got to be very careful what I say here as its possible some of our wedding party (and of course Bruce, although he doesn’t want to know anything about my dress so there can be no spoilers)  may read this blog because they are all following the journey and I don’t want to give too much away… however, we did decide that Bestie week was the ideal opportunity to check out a couple of places with the idea in mind of seeing what styles of dresses work well for me and which ones can be ruled out.

First of all I was absolutely delighted that even though I have read many times that wedding dresses tend to come up a bit small I was fortunate enough to mostly be trying on dresses in my usual size – this may not be the case for everyone but it made me happy. As I think many brides do, I am intending to lose a few pounds in the coming months so I didn’t worry too much about that on this occasion. I selected a few dresses and the lovely staff at the bridal shop showed me to a fitting room where I was assigned an assistant to help me in and out of dresses and advise me. It was such a lovely positive experience and it didn’t seem to be the case (as I had expected) that specific styles looked absolutely hideous – everything I tried had something about it, which was a big surprise. I even had the chance to try a big pouffey princess style dress. I’m not going to say whether or not it worked for me, I need to maintain the element of surprise.. but it didn’t make me feel how I expected (does the word meringue mean anything to you? 🙂 )

The whole experience made me feel very girly and we continued the shopping experience the following day by checking out some bridesmaid dress ideas as well as trying different scents to see if I find anything I might want to wear as my perfume on the big day.

Is this something you have thought about? Its one thing that can be bought and no problem if you change shape or anything before the wedding… which was nice and easy to decide too so that has gone on my wish list for a little later in the year, another tick on the list.

We did buy something towards the wedding day attire but I won’t say any more than that at the moment…

Its all taking shape beautifully

We have Best Woman and all the male party members outfit colours decided, and a little bit of a theme thrown in. My dress dreams are taking shape and I can really see what our day is starting to look like. Its so lovely and I’m enjoying every minute. I hope your wedding planning journey is just as enjoyable and if you have anything you need to share please do feel free to pop a comment on this post or get in touch.

Much love,
Jacqui xx

(and Bruce)