I’ve met with so many couples over the years, so many are puzzled by what a Save the Date is, what’s the point of them and do they actually need to send them?

Save the dates have been around for quite some time now so I thought I would take a moment to explain what they can be useful for, as it may help you decide if you need to bother with them at all!

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A ‘Save the Date’ card, whether it be a postcard, a fridge magnet, a cute little calendar style design with the date marked on it for future reference, or any of the myriad of ideas available out there, are simply designed to inform your guests to keep the date free.

It can save you a lot of time and trouble if you just started planning your wedding and have no other information to hand but definitely want VIPs and any other guests to ‘Save the Date’.

You might be planning to get married in 2 or more years from now (I have met couples planning for as long as 4 years) or perhaps even less but you know you absolutely must have those guests coming to your special day. There is no way they would want to miss out and the first they hear of your date is a lovely keepsake reminding them of it, whether that be so they can book the day off work, book a flight somewhere hot, or just make sure they don’t make any other plans.

I would never tell any of my couples they absolutely must send Save the Dates because I feel it’s a very personal thing, there are times it can be very useful to have already sent them though, for example:

You are getting married on a weekday in the middle of June. It’s possible that some of your oldest friends will be booking their holidays soon and you can’t get married without them there.

It’s an overseas wedding, they will need to book flights and make reservations but the details of the wedding day haven’t yet been finalised.
It’s in 18 months and there’s still so much you haven’t decided about, but you know you need them to see you get married.

You will need to send out menu choices with your invitations, but haven’t got a tasting booked in at the moment and it might delay the final wording, at least this way they will know when to book their babysitters for.

Any of these would be the perfect example for a good reason to send a save the date.

What I wouldn’t do is spend any of your budget on save the dates if you are already halfway to having your invites printed, even if you don’t get married for a year. You could just send your invites a little earlier than planned and save the extra money for something else.

If you are: getting married in less than 12 months, getting married out of ‘peak’ holiday season (May – September) or have already told many of your guests when the big day is happening, you could quite honestly save yourself some money and not worry about sending Save the Dates.

It might be that you are only thinking about sending them because you feel like it is expected – don’t worry about that, it is your day and you can do things in whatever way feels right for you.

Every time I talk to my couples I make sure they know that there are no right or wrong answers to the ‘hows’ and ‘whens’ but by getting our heads together and talking about your wedding we can figure out whether these things are needed at all. I will gladly buy you a cuppa while we go over all the details so if that is something that you feel would help you, get in touch here and let’s get something in the diary.

It would be my pleasure to help you. Jacqui x