I’ve been in a total daze for the last few weeks I don’t mind telling you!


My sparkly world has completely changed recently and I just thought I would take a moment to spread the love.

Working in the wonderful world of weddings is a funny place at times, for a long time now I’ve been so completely in awe of my lovely couples – just like you. I think it’s so wonderful how you have found someone you are so completely sure about, that you want to share everything in your life with and be happy with, forever.

But at the same time I have struggled a little to grasp – truly grasp – just what love is! There are lots of reason for this but it’s mainly because I don’t think I have every truly been in love myself. Until now, that is.

Of course I’ve been in relationships, but honestly and truthfully I was never totally in love with those people, not that butterfly feeling you can’t shake, the heady high feeling that feels as though it should be illegal. Now – I get it. Like completely and absolutely. I have found my soulmate and he has found me. I have honestly never known a feeling like it.

I have heard of love at first sight. I have read about those beautiful, perfect romances which completely sweep you off your feet and take you to places you can only ever dream about.

I simply adore this quote from Wuthering Heights – it says it all.

(feel free to pinch for your wedding if you love it as much as I do!)

Finally I am experiencing it, for myself. I can’t really tell you what an amazing thing this is with my XX (oh, ok, 42) years on the planet having somehow lost the belief that true love was meant for me too, as well as all the lovely couples I work with.

I hope you don’t mind me sharing this special bit of my journey with you – I am usually all about hints and tips but right now – I’m in a spin!

And it has really helped me to be in the excited moments with you just that little bit more – I’m quite an excitable girl anyway (you may have noticed!) but now I can really feel the love in the room and I had to just say it out loud!!!!!

Here we are…. me and my soulmate, Bruce.

In the coming weeks you will see more activity from me in my mailshots, blog posts and various other social media as I begin preparations for upcoming wedding fayres and events as well my usual daily bits and bobs.

I’d love to hear from you on the facebook page posts if you see anything that grabs your attention but for now I will LOVE YOU and leave you 😊

I hope you enjoy the rest of this lovely blue sky I can see (ohh, Mr Blue Sky is one of my favourite songs,ever! Always makes me smile)

And I will be back again in my usually sparkly style very soon