A surprise marriage proposal for your favourite wedding stationer!

A week ago today, I joined your very special club. Make yourselves comfy, I have a gorgeous tale to tell about the evening my soulmate asked me to marry him, in front of about 100 people!

I still can’t believe it happened – I know if you had one of those memorable style proposals you will know what I mean, I just didn’t see it coming.

We are members of a Tuneless choir in West Bridgford, Nottingham. Their motto is ‘Sing like no-one’s listening’.

Last Thursday, to my surprise, Bruce and I were invited up to do that in front of everyone at choir – to a song that has so much meaning to us – ‘Suddenly’ by Billy Ocean.

I had thought he was up to something for a while, but didn’t dare to dream he was planning something like this. Up we went, and began belting out this song which reduces me to tears every single time we sing it together (usually at home in front of no-one!). I had warned them it was very rare I get through it without crying.

It will never sound the same again.

I held back the tears as I stood up there with my gorgeous soulmate, totally caught up in the moment and meant every word I sang.

He seemed to be a little less vocal than usual – I was just about to find out why.

As the song ended, we drew in for a kiss and I remember thinking to myself, they don’t need to see us snogging, quick peck let’s go and sit down. Ohhh, how wrong was I.

Down he steps off the little stage, drawing a ring box out of his pocket and getting down on one knee.

Ohhh my goodness, what?! Is this real? I had to be sure.

What seemed like hours (we both said everything went into serious slow motion) later, the whole room erupted – it went totally crazy, whoops and claps and cheers – a standing ovation in fact! Is this really what he meant to do? Of course he did, he is a proper romantic. After a moment or two I realised he was still crouching.

‘Can I get back up now? I’m still down here, have you got an answer?’

Would you do me the honour?

My answer was yes, a million times yes.

The crowd went wild. I had waited so long to hear him ask me to marry him, and it was so loud in that room I didn’t hear a thing!

Everyone at choir was absolutely delighted having shared in our story from very early on (we have been going there together since about 2 months after we met in July 2017 – read this post to find out how our love story began) and most especially as Nadine and Bernie who are the organisers were behind him the whole time. It had begun as an idea in Bruce’s head in December, and they had been plotting it between them for a few weeks.

I’m sorry if I have spoiled the ending, but here is a lovely video on YouTube of what happened that night – you can see from my face I was not expecting it. I know I am biased but it is well worth the watch.

I think he is a little bit relieved! Many thanks go to Nadine and Bernie for their Wedding Proposal Fairy Godmother skills.

I look forward to sharing some of your journey as a bride-to-be. Now that I am on the other side of it, I expect I will discover things I never realised myself, and will of course share all of those with you along the way.

If you have a proposal story you would like to share, I would love to invite you to comment on the bottom of this post and tell us what happened.

I will never forget this night as long as I live, and I can’t wait for the next part of the journey.

With much love and extra sparkles

Now also a blushing bride-to-be!

PS. Go on, I know you will be wondering… Will I be making my own wedding stationery? You bet!