I can’t wait to tell you how we arrived at this beautiful design.


I had a consultation with a very excited young couple, I think it was probably the longest appointment I have ever had. Gemma knew what she wanted, but needed me to help achieve her vision. It needed WOW, the cost wasn’t important, she would know when she saw it.

We began with an invite sample, it had some sparkle and a diamante gem Gemma had chosen. But she knew she could be honest with me, and it wasn’t enough. The sparkle wasn’t capturing what she wanted. Back to the drawing board we went.

It evolved over an afternoon – I remember it well. I sent Gemma many and varied ‘mocked’ images to see if any of them grabbed her – it’s not the way I usually do things but in this instance it was the easiest.
Many shades of silver and grey were tried, with differing sparkly embellishments until eventually we found ‘The One’.

Wedding Invitation Pocketfold Evening Silver Glitter Grey Embellishment Sparkles Majestic design Nottingham

Ohhh she was so excited, she even sent me a squeal voice clip of how eeek and in love with the design she was.

I put together a ‘proper’ sample, with their personalised details, wedding date and venue information. You could probably hear her for miles when she came to collect the invitations, she was so excited! She loved her invites so much, her fiancé Ben arranged for me to make Christmas card for her in the same design, such a lovely extra touch.


I love this design, it’s got all the sparkle and none of the unnecessary ‘extra’ detail, like ribbon loops or embossed textures seen in some of my other designs.


It totally encapsulates what I am known for – less is more – and the simplicity of it allows the sparkle to really shine through. The fabulously smooth glittery surface (none of that sandpapery type finish here) adds a high-class elegant finish and the gorgeous diamante brings it all to life.

Majestic Invites Pocketfold HEart Embellishment Sparkles Rose Gold Dusky Pink Luxury Stationery Fuchsia Fairy Nottingham


I love it!