If you are careful with your planning and spending and you are strict with your budgets it is possible to stick to them.

I will be honest though, what I see so often is that towards the later stage of planning, couples realise they have either overspent or run out of Wedding fund completely and as a result often have to cut back on their spending for the final few details that could so beautifully finish the job. I’ve been told by venues they can see the difference when the stationery comes from a professional source (such as myself) or when the couples tried to save money on this very important feature of the venue decor.

Don’t get me wrong, I think doing your own wedding stationery can really bring a personal touch to the day, I did it myself (and when I think back to what my place cards were actually made from…well I won’t be advising anyone to try it!)

But if you are going for an all out elegant style wedding the attention to detail (the finer details in particular) is so so important.



If you’re all for having it made here’s a few ways you can save money.



If you want to have them made, have you thought about not having all the details printed in them? A nice pretty outer section without the personalisation perhaps, with spaces left free inside to add the important details later. This might not save loads of money but could also speed up the process of having them made.

This isn’t something I offer but I am sure many wedding stationers would give you the chance to write your own details inside (just names, dates, guest details etc) which would save them a significant amount of time in the preparation/checking off and could save you money as well.


Order of Service

While its all very lovely having all your wedding stationery matching, the idea of a beautiful Order of Service carefully handcrafted and personalised with your details and wedding date is possibly one of the nicest keepsakes from your big day. This does of course only apply if you have your wedding in a church.

These too can work out quite costly if you have the fully decorated version so have a word with either your church who may well be able to offer a simple printed booklet at a lower cost or your wedding stationer who also might be able to assist – especially if you wanted it to match the fonts, colours and style of your other stationery.

You will typically need the same number of these as you had wedding invites, unless your evening guests have also been welcomed to join you in church (but without the offer of the sit down meal in between!) – I have seen this done and it’s a nice way to bring everyone together.


Escort cards

A fairly recent introduction, instead of a fixed table plan, you can just have nice card printed off per table with the table name and then each of the guest place names for that table underneath.

Your guests can then choose who on that table they would prefer to sit next to – saving all the time and trouble of stressing over THE SEATING PLAN down to that painful finer detail and also saving yourselves on the cost of having one made. Double win!

Table cards

There are various ways you can save the time and trouble of all of the above – lovely 3 sided table cards which give all the info about your day.

On one side the table name or number, the 2nd side could have your menu and then on the 3rd to really give your guests a helping hand give your guests a full run down of what to expect and when (Order of the Day).

If going into that kind of detail really doesn’t appeal why not give them a gentle reminder as to the names of the guests seated at this table (and perhaps yet again do away with place cards too).

Or some of my couples choose to have the table number repeated on a second side just to save any confusion.


Seating/Table Plans

As listed/detailed above there are a couple of different ways you can avoid having to have a table plan. They can work out costly, anything from around £50 – £150 for a luxurious one that does the job well.

You could do your own on a board,available from your local craft store – but honestly, on more than one occasion in my time dressing venues I have seen diy ones that have been altered as the guest list changed – it doesn’t look nice!

Where you can, if making your own, don’t do it too far in advance.

The last week is really the best time for ‘putting it down’ although you can have a provisionally drafted version ready to go on the pc, just save over with any alterations needed and check when is the latest date you can send it to your wedding stationer.

Twice in recent weeks I have seen significant alterations when guest’s couples have broken up and made the seating arrangements difficult (although I’m sure the least of their concerns at the time) and as a wedding stationer I do prefer to leave the completion of the seating plan until the final week.


Gift cards/Money

You could save money on having a post box for safely receiving any monetary gifts by repurposing an old suitcase (nice for a shabby chic styled wedding) or getting a nice looking gift box and simply adding aa message on the outside.
It does look so much nicer when everything matches though!


Do It Yourself

You could of course make your own – I will be covering this in another blog post coming soon, as there is a whole world of ideas out there. Just be realistic as you enter into planning this that it may not be as cost effective as you think. And can be quite frustrating too!


However you decide to try and save some of your wedding budget

Take your time making those decisions! The whole process of planning a wedding creates one of the prettiest most memorable pictures that will be in your minds eye forever. Don’t cut corners where it might matter the most. There are of course plenty of ways you can save in other areas of your wedding planning but take your time with each and every decision, you’ll be so glad you did.

I’m off now to enjoy some of this beautiful sunshine (isn’t it glorious!!!).

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