Your wedding breakfast is called this because it is the first time you will ‘break fast’ as a married couple.

So let’s take a look at the beautiful ways you can welcome your guests for this memorable part of your special day.

What exactly is Daytime Stationery, and do you need it for your wedding?

Throughout your planning you’ve probably heard various jargon used for the items on your must have essential list (by the way, you can download a fab free wedding stationery checklist below to help you along the way) but what are all these different things and do you actually need them for your wedding?


Click here for your free wedding  stationery checklist

Every item of stationery has its place at your wedding breakfast

and having beautifully hand finished stationery to really set the scene can make all the difference in a warm welcome for your guests as they arrive at the venue. The personal touches like seeing their names on the carefully arranged seating plan (see post here for how to make that a bit less painful!) as they are welcomed into the wedding breakfast room, to a beautifully coordinated matching place name at their designated seats all helps the day run smoother and wows them just a little bit more.

Diamante,pastel pink,sparkle place cards

Captivate Place cards in Pastel Pink

But the list of these bits and pieces can be overwhelming (and expensive!)

Just to give you some idea

of which items you might need, and which are optional extras, take a look at 2 pages on the essential checklist I send out to all my lovely brides. As you can see, the first page lists the ‘table stationery’ bits that help the whole day flow more smoothly, the second page is really some lovely extra bits which give that personal touch and can just add more personality into your day.


Helpful tip:

If you have any kind of package with your venue its worth checking what exactly you get with that.

As an example, I often have conversations with couples who seem convinced they have a ‘wedding planner’ to take care of everything on the big day, leaving you to enjoy the moment without a worry in the world. What they actually have is a wedding co-ordinator, their point of contact at the venue to help things run smoother on the day (not someone to liaise with every supplier about every tiny detail, there is a world of difference).

How is this relevant? Well, if you have the kind of package that includes a ‘table plan’ then you’re sorted, right? I would definitely check exactly what you receive if this is the case, as it may well just be a sheet of card printed up with where each table is, and a simple list of your guest names. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, it does a job, but if you are looking to wow your guests then having something that really captures their imagination, matches the beautiful invites they were talking about from the start, then it will be important to get this right.

Similarly you may well be looking for table cards that match up to this exactly, to allow everything to flow.

I am not telling you that you absolutely must have all this stuff, but if these things are important to you, then you should definitely consider your options carefully!


pastel pink,rhinestone,sparkle

Captivate daytime stationery in Pastel Pink


And once you have gone to all the trouble of setting out your guest names carefully it will make sense to provide them each with a personalised place card to guide the way. You can add so much detail to these if you really want to, there will be much more to follow on this subject in the coming weeks so be sure to bookmark the pages and pop back soon.

You can add to this your Orders of Service for the church, Signage for the venue, Menu cards, personalisation of small token goody bags to keep the younger guests amused, guest books and matching post boxes too. Its all possible and you can have it all to match if that is what your heart desires.


Personalised goody bags for the younger guests.

Obviously this depends on your budget but

the more items you buy from one place the more of a harmonious feel it will have on the day

(there’s nothing worse than several different shades of peach when you asked for coral!)

Luxury Framed Seating Plans


I have barely touched on what all the options are with these items but that’s why I am writing a series of blog posts which will all follow on from this one in the coming weeks, to expand a bit more on what exactly you can use each of the different items for and to hopefully help you figure out if you actually need them! Of course you are always more than welcome to drop me a line if you need to discuss it in a bit more detail, I am here to help so if you really can’t wait then get in touch.

I will be back next week  to give you more guidance and helpful hints & tips on this subject, so please do check back or look out on social media as I am always sharing the latest news over there too.

Bye for now…


Just in case you didn’t get it the first time.. here’s that checklist again!