How much table stationery is too much?

Let me help you decide what you actually need by talking you through each item individually.

Welcome to the 3rd in my mini series.

In the 1st post here, I talked about why it can make such a difference having all your stationery made to match throughout your wedding planning – it really can make a big difference you know.

In the 2nd post here, I began to talk you through your table plan and the name or number cards you can have to make everything flow so much smoother, as well as a couple of other pretty bits that can help too.

Now we’re going to look at place cards – let’s see why they can make such a difference.

Place name cards

This one sounds simple but again there are a few options for these so I will talk you through it.

If you have a really clear idea in your head who is sitting next to who at your tables, as you may well have, (maybe you started sketching this out before your invites were even finished?) then you will want to make sure they all sit where you originally intended.

A beautiful coordinated place name card will just finish off the picture-perfect vision of your wedding breakfast tables.

It will be clear as crystal to your guests where they are supposed to sit, and look beautiful too.

But what do you have on them?

First or full names? And do you need any other details on them?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this, the choice really is yours – often it works well to have their full names on the seating plan and then just their first names (or sometimes nicknames are used) for the place card – it can look much less cluttered.

You can have a little extra detail under their name such as your names and the date if you want – and the design allows it (there’s not always a huge space to fit this on).

Luxury Wedding Stationery Fuchsia Fairy Nottingham Amore collection diamante dusky pink grey buckle ribbon table card sparkles
If you really need to, and to save hassle you can have personalised menu choices printed on the reverse or on the inside of the card ( I offer this option for an extra cost) – this can save a lot of stress on the day for both guest and venue.

The style I offer as standard is the is a freestanding one

place -card image

(also known as tent-fold, like in this image here)

but you can get personalised name tags to wrap around cutlery, acrylic ones (available elsewhere) are all the rage at the moment as another idea, or you could have their names on favours (see later for more about those) or have it added onto individual menu cards (again, more details to follow) for a lovely personal touch.

I am open to looking at any solution that works with the rest of your table décor, the packages of stationery I have crafted work really well, especially the ‘Fabulous Favourites’ which gives you the best selling items in my collections as a nice, neat bundle. I will be writing about these in the coming weeks as each individual package is ready to launch. Exciting stuff!!!

For now I will love you and leave you, but don’t forget you can drop me a line any time to chat things through.

Luxury Wedding Stationery Fuchsia Fairy Nottingham

Much love

Luxury Wedding Stationery Fuchsia Fairy Nottingham

and Bruce xx