If you are just catching up, make yourselves comfortable as I have lots of hints & tips to share with you about Table/Wedding Breakfast/Daytime stationery.


In the first of the series here, I talked about having all your stationery made to match throughout your wedding planning – it really can make a big difference to the finished feel of the room and the impact on your guests too.

In number 2 of this series here we looked at the seating plan and any matching name or number cards and why they help everything to flow beautifully on the day.

The 3rd in this series (see this one here) was all about place cards and what format they should take, the options you have and how they can help your guests find their way around.

In today’s issue we are looking at menus and the different ways in which you can display these – really what are they all for anyway?

Make yourself comfortable as we work our way down this list, it might answer a question that’s been bothering you!

Menu Cards

Here we have another one with various options, and it can also depend on your venue’s offerings or personal choices as to whether or not you have opted for a la carte or pre-selected the menu for them.

For a set menu – a nice simple option which will allow them to specify their dietary requirements such as vegetarian or gluten free for example (a must in this day and age!) a single card or 2 on each guest table can work really well, just offering guests a quick reminder of what’s available to eat today. It looks so lovely on the table (one of my brides simply called hers ‘Our Perfect Menu’) when coordinating with your other stationery and décor and can give them something to talk about too.


Captivate wedding stationery favour box menu card blush pink white Luxury wedding stationery Fuchsia Fairy Nottingham


If you have gone to the trouble of a menu tasting which you then sent to your guests with a few options, a single menu card on the table serves little purpose. What you can do though, is use their place cards to serve as a little reminder what they ordered.

If you really want to personalise it you can print individual menu sheets for each guest, perhaps to be wrapped in their serviette/napkin (check with your venue or décor provider if they can set these up for you first) and tied up with a pretty ribbon or anything which matches your theme.

Luxury Wedding Stationery Fuchsia Fairy Nottingham

3 sided table cards

These are a fantastic idea for several reasons and are always popular at wedding fayres.
With 3 sides (sort of like a toblerone but standing on its end) you can make the most of the space on your table without cluttering it up with too many things.

table card graphic

Over the years I have had these used in many different ways but you could choose from: Table name/number, Guest list reminder for the table, Menu details, Order of the Day, A lovely quote for them to remember your special day, or you could get really quirky and put fascinating facts about each of your guests to break the ice a bit if you feel the need to. I like the idea of some kind of quiz, keeping your guests occupied by getting them to answer questions about you as a couple and see who REALLY knows you.

The thing about the way I work is there are no rules for what you have on your stationery, availability permitting. If you need them to have different things according to the tables that is absolutely fine. It does work well if they all coordinate though and the 3 sided cards can be a great way to save space and money too.

They definitely work out cheaper than having individual menu cards, place cards and table number cards so why not have a think about if they could work for you? Remember they are also included in the Beautiful Wedding Breakfast package which keeps things nice and simple when planning your wedding breakfast room. Click on the link for more info!


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Do remember to consider what else is going on your tables and maybe have a chat with whoever is organising these for you to make sure they would sit well alongside everything else.


It seems like there is a lot to think about, but truthfully its got to be exactly as you want it to be. If you have this vision of how you want your tables to look on the day but aren’t sure how best to achieve that – pop me a message and I’ll see what I can do to help! I’ve been working in this industry for years now and seen all kinds of ideas in that time.

Have a good look around and see what inspires you and let’s go from there!
Much love,

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