Card & Ribbon Colours, Butterflies & Embellishments

This is the exciting bit!

Maybe you’ve already seen a design that captured your heart? It’s almost perfectly you, but there’s just something not quite right? Here’s the fun part. I’ve displayed here as many options as I can without overwhelming you. There is always something new to show but this is just to give you a better idea how you can really ‘make it yours’.

So many of my designs are a perfect example of how I like to do things. I believe less is more, and as such I haven’t designed hundreds of different invitations because I know that not everyone likes to have too much choice. It really couldn’t be easier to swap one embellishment for another that is perhaps more reflective of you and what your big day is all about.

Do you love the butterfly used in ‘innocence’ but would love to see it on a recycled kraft card? That is no problem at all. Maybe you’d just love to see one of the designs in a different combination of colours, to work effortlessly with your elegant theme.

Take your time to view all the options available here, as it will really help you when we come to meet and explore the various colours and choices that are just waiting for you to bring them together and create the design that is just perfect for your special day.