We have really and truly got off to a flying start this wedding fayre season.

Having worked in the wedding industry for some years now I have tried many different ways to creatively engage with brides other than the traditional ‘how are your wedding plans going’ kind of speech.
I don’t like to come across as a hard seller, and it isn’t in my nature anyway, so I have really been trying to think a little bit outside of the box.
In my experience, everyone loves a freebie! When I primarily ran my business selling items for the discerning DIY bride to make her own invites, I used to give away a little goody bag of selected embellishment items at wedding fayres in exchange for brides details and a few select pieces of information about her wedding stationery requirements. This worked well, but now that I am thoroughly enjoying the creative side of wedding stationery, and making invites ‘to delight and inspire’ I have struggled a bit to see how I can give anything away without things getting too complicated (or lets be honest, expensive! I am trying to run a business after all.)
So I put my thinking wings on and came up with the idea of a prize draw. As I have booked in over 10 wedding fayres between September and November it seemed a good idea to have a grand prize giveaway at the end of them all, but that can seem a long time to wait!
So we are now offering brides 2 chances to win – the first is a smaller prize draw from each of the wedding fayres attended – one lucky couple can win a free guest book personalised to co ordinate with their stationery, the second is a rollover where all details from all of the fayres attended are put into a draw and the lucky winner can have their daytime invitations (usually one the most expensive part of an order) made for free! (Terms and conditions will of course apply, see below!)
The great thing about the grand prize draw is couples are invited to enter at every wedding fayre we attend – no more than once per fayre but could have as many as 10 entries so 10 chances to win!
In exchange we offer a small bag with an edible treat of some sort (toffees and chocolates usually) and a selection of information from other fabulous businesses, not just wedding related but we have so far offered free karate lessons, pamper vouchers… a great variety of extras as a thank you!
Appointments from the wedding fayre have started flooding in now and we anticipate getting even busier very soon. We had a fantastic day at the fayre on Sunday and took details from almost 100 brides who all entered our prize draw and were queueing up to look at our stand, it was a great feelgood factor! It starts again with another great event planned this Sunday…..
We would invite you to make an appointment with us if you are a bride reading this as evening slots are quite limited now and we would hate to keep you waiting!
In the meantime thank you for reading and we look forward to writing more about our adventures very soon.