I am often asked upon meeting couples at wedding fayres


whether I am able to work on a commission, or a bespoke design for them. More often than not, I realise the answer can tend to sound a little bit vague.

You see, I am quite selective in the sort of designs I work on.

Primarily so that the end result is not me running around like a headless chicken, with 18 different designs all on the go and not a lot of ‘me’ left to show for it.

Less is definitely more, in my case. I prefer the detailed, sparkly, kind of designs which require much more attention to detail, resulting in much less of a conveyor belt style of wedding.


“Innocence” – for years I have loved making this design.


The designs I always find more popular are those you can visibly see I have put much of my heart into designing and creating.
What this can mean is I don’t allocate too much of my time to creating lots of new designs every month, or working for hours on creating just one design for one couple developed from their own idea.

The timeless, classic nature of my creations


means I can re-introduce them to you as I go along, and by altering the colours of a sample invite to really show you how versatile it is, we can often find something that is just simply beautiful, and perfect for your special day.

Can I offer any design in any colour?

Pretty much, yes, but I prefer to present them in an elegant, beautiful and simple way to begin with as I do tend to find the brides who find their way to me like the no fuss kind of approach, keeping their colour choices neutral, and with a relaxed attitude to their wedding planning. They still know what they want and allow enough time to make everything flow seamlessly (most of the time it does, anyway).



As you can see there are many colours of card (and ribbon) available to co-ordinate with your colour scheme, should you wish to see them in your sample invitation.


If you have read this and you are still wondering if I am the right person to make your wedding stationery, have a think about whether you have seen anything on the site that ‘feels’ right. The thing is, I do make everything myself, but I don’t make just ‘anything’. So drop me a line and I will tell you honestly whether it is something I can help with.


I don’t offer graphic design services

(honestly, I wish that was one of my skills),

but if you’re looking for a printed design of some sort, I’m probably not the person for you. I would love to offer the handwritten, calligraphy styles that seem to be so popular too, but so far I haven’t managed to set aside the time to hone that particular skill (although years ago I did hand write an entire poetry collection and set of letters to my son, it was very therapeutic).

I hope this has answered a few questions you may have, but if you should happen to have any more, here is the FAQ page, or of course you can always email me here.


Much love to you, beautiful bride to be,

Jacqui x